Thursday, April 11, 2013

The New Jewish Synagogue, Berlin

The beautiful dome of the New Synagogue
Close to Hackisher Markt in Berlin, you find the New Synagogue - a remarkable building. What you see is just a fraction of what this structure used to hold.
The two side towers underline its Moorish influence
In Oranienburg Strasse in Berlin you find an awesome historic monument. The beautiful New Synagogue was built in 1866 and was  inaugurated by the famous Count Otto von Bismarck
Sadly, the present building is a reconstruction after it was badly damaged by fire during the Kristallnacht prior to World War II. 
It was a huge building when it was built, seating more than 3 000 people. What is left, however, is mainly the magnificent facade and a few rooms behind it.
I would love to visit the huge golden dome, that is open to public, and maybe I will, as I will return to Berlin in a months time.

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