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UPDATED: Sights on Enjoy Food & Travel 2012

Mosaic at Pammakaristos Church, Istanbul Turkey
To make it easier for you, I have compiled all the sights on Enjoy Food & Travel for the year 2012 on this page. Enjoy!!

  • Alte Brucke - Heidelberg (August 23rd 2012) The old bridge or die Alte Brucke is one of the most famous sights of Heidelberg. The bridge is the ninth over the river Neckar since Roman times and dates back to 1788.

  • Archbishops Palace - Lima, Peru (August 1st 2012)
    The current Archbishops Palace in Lima was built as late as 1924, but the Archbishops have resided here since 1530. The building is baroque in appearance.
  • Bergen Aquarium, Bergen Norway (February 19th 2012) 
    The large aquarium at the Nordnes peninsula in Bergen, Norway has, since it was opened in 1960 been one of the city's main attractions

  • Bispegården - Tromsø, Norway (July 12th 2012)
    One of the most beautiful houses in Tromsø city centre is the residence of the bishop of the northern most Roman Catholic diocese in the world.

  • Bosque el Olivar, Lima (March 30th 2012)
    The Bosque El Olivar is an olive grove going back 450 years, to three trees that survived the transportation from Europe in 1560.

  • Chapel - Chateau Voltaire, Ferney-Voltaire (July 2nd 2012)
    The philosopher Voltaire erected a chapel in the park of his own Chateau in 1761. It and even the chateau itself are now in a state of disrepair, so much so that the chapel is falling down.

  • Crowninshield-Bentley House (ca. 1727), Salem MA (September 19th 2012)
    This magnificent Georgian-style house was built for a captain John Crowninshield in 1727. It has been moved to its present location in 126 Essex Street.
  • Derby House (1762) Salem MA (September 19th 2012)The beautiful red-brick Derby House is an exquisite example of American Georgian Architecture. It   was built in 1762 as a marriage present by Elias Hasket Derby to his wife Elisabeth Crowninshield in 1762.

  • Destination Røros (February 27th 2012)
    The old mining town Røros was founded in 1644 after a farmer discovered huge amounts of copper close by. From the mid 1600's the city grew into the most prosperous cities in the country.
  • Église Russe, Geneva, Switzerland (January 1st 2012)
    When strolling in Geneva City Centre we spotted these beautiful gilded domes. They belong to the Église Russe, The Russian Church.
  • First Meeting House, Salem MA (March 14th 2012)
    Salem MA is, as one of the oldest cities in the US, filled with historical sites commemorating the earliest stages of American history, as this plaque telling the story about the first meeting house that stood on this location until 1673. 

  • Fløibanen, Bergen (May 6th 2012)
    Fløibanen is, in my opinion, one of the best attractions Bergen has to offer. The carts of funicular will bring you 320 meters in 7 minutes, and when up you will have a superb view over the city.

  • Fort Van Tyle, Minisink NY (August 30th 2012) 
    I love local history, and traveling around upstate New York gave me an opportunity to visit historic sights of the Port Jervis / Greenville area. We spotted this sign when driving along a quiet country road. 

  • Gardner Pingree House (1804)Salem MA (September 19th 2012)
    This is one of several houses in Salem designed by the famous architect Samuel McIntire. It was built in Federal style for Samuel West Gardner, but was sold on in 1814 to cover losses to Gardner caused events leading up to the War of 1812.

  • Gideon Tucker House (1808), Salem MA (September 19th 2012) 
    The Gideon Tucker House is a third house I saw designed by Samuel McIntire. It was built for Gideon Tucker in 1808 or 1809, a man that worked as a clerk, but ended up as a wealthy businessman.

  • Hagia Irene Church, Istanbul (March 23rd 2012)
    Hagia Irene, located on the grounds of the Topkapi Palace, is an ancient building. It is in fact the oldest church in Istanbul, but most of what you see today dates from the 8th century when the church was damaged by a eartquake.

  • Hamburg Rathaus, Hamburg (September 8th 2012) 
    Hamburg Rathaus or Hamburg City Hall is a massive building located in the heart of the city.

  • Hamilton Hall (1805), Salem MA (September 19th 2012) 
    The magnificent Hamilton Hall mansion is located in 9 Chestnut Street. It was not built as a private house but as assembling hall for the Salem federalists.

  • Hauptkirche St. Jacobi, Hamburg (February 5th 2012)
    Most of what you see of Hauptkirche St. Jacobi today is rebuilt after the bombings after the war. It is dedicated to James the Great and the original structure dated back to the midt 14th century

  • House of Seven Gables, Salem MA (January 15th 2012)The oldest part of the  House of the Seven Gables was built in 1668 for Capt. John Turner, and it remained in his family for three generations, descending from John Turner II to John Turner III.

  • Huaca Pucllana, Lima (June 5th 2012)Peru is famous for the Inca culture. This culture was however the latest in a long line of different cultures on which the Inca rulers built their reign. Historic monuments from these are scattered over this large country and many are also found in Lima. One of them is the Huaca Pucllana - the large pyramide.
    • Jet d'Eau - a Geneva signature  (February 26th 2012)
      The Jet d'Eau or the water jet is an impressive fountain is the signature of the city of Geneva, Switzerland  

    • Jonathan Archer House, Salem, MA (September 19th 2012) 
      The gray wooden building in 8 Hawthorne Boulevard is over 300 years old and was built by cordwainer Jonathan Archer in 1710.

    • Jonathan Corwin House, Salem, MA (January 15th 2012)
      The home of Judge Jonathan Corwin is built around 1660 and is a beautiful example of 17th century architecture.
    • Koutoubia Mosque - Marrakech (April 25th 2012)
      If there is a trademark of Marrakech it has to be the Koutoubia Mosque. It is by far the oldest and largest mosque in the city dating back over 800 years. 

    • London Coffee House, Salem MA (January 15th 2012)
      This late 17th century building was the gathering place of the Patriots before the American Revolution.
    • Medieval Copenhagen (March 4th 2012)Copehagen City museum is located in Fredriksberg in central Copenhagen. Outside the museum you find a model of how Copenhagen looked like in the middle ages.

    • Minot light, Cohasset, MA (November 20th 2012)
      The present Minot Lighthouse is located on a granite rock off the coast of Cohasset and Scituate MA. When looking out she grows out of the sea and it is barely visible to the naked eye. The first tower was erected 1850 and disappeared ten years later in dramatic events.

    • Miss Fan - the ghost of Dimmick Inn (February 23rd 2012)Dimmick Inn is daid to have a ghost that haunts them. Ms. Fan or Miss Frances Dimmick is said to roam around the old building. 

    • Mosque of the Golden Apples (Mosque El Mansour) Marrakech (January 29th 2012)The Mosque El Mansour or Mosque of the Golden Apples is one out of three main mosques in Marrakech and the largest mosque in the Kasbah area.

    • Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon, Lyon (February 14th 2012)Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon has a beautiful collection of art spanning thousands of years. Here are a few of them from very different periods of human history.

    • Palmhuset, Gothenburg Sweden (January 22nd 2012)
      I love botanical gardens and in particular green houses with tropical flowers. In Gothenburg city centre you find a horticultural gem, a large green house filled with most exquisite tropical plants and trees.

    • Pammakaristos Church, Istanbul, Turkey (January 8th 2012)
      Pammakaristos Church in Istanbul is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. Hidden behind the rather gray facade is an 850 year old art treasure.

    • Paris: Medieval houses in Rue François Miron (July 26th 2012)
      When walking down Rue François Miron, I found that this was not true. One of the houses in this street predates the alchymists house by at least 70 years.

    • Philosophen weg or the philosophers' walk - Heidelberg (D) (June 12th 2012)
      A great way to start your sightseeing in Heidelberg is to take the scenic Philosophers' Walk where you can enjoy a great view of the valley and the old town.

    • Pickering House, Salem MA (January 15th 2012)
      The Pickering House is the oldest house in Salem, dating back 350 years. It is also the home of 10 generations of the Pickering family, making it the oldest house in the United States continuously occupied by one family.

    • Pickman House, Salem MA (January 15th 2012)
      The Pickman House is located by the Old Burying Ground, the second oldest cemetery in the United States.

    • Place de Vosges - a jewel of the Marais district , Paris (F) (June 15th 2012)
      The Marais district of Paris is one of the areas of the French capital that escaped the urban planners of the 19th century. 
    • Qubba Fatima Zohra - Marrakech (August 8th 2012)
      By the Koutobia Mosque you will see a small, white building. It is the 400 year old Qubba or mausoleum of the famous Fatima Zohra.
    • St. Pers Church Ruin - Sigtuna, Sweden (June 25th 2012)
      Church of Sankt Per’s (or St. Peter’s) used to be the main church of the Archdiocese before it was moved to the city of Uppsala.

    • Speicherstadt - Hamburg (D) (June 18th 2012)
      Speicherstadt is Hamburgs warehouse district. It has, during the last years, gone through an extensive restoration the last decade, and is today one of the most beautiful areas of Hamburg.
    • Tomb of Suleyman the Great, Istanbul (July 12th 2012)
      Suleyman I (Ottoman Turkish: سليمان Sulaymān, Turkish: Süleyman) died on September 6th 1566) after 46 years on the throne. He was known in the West as "the Magnificent" but is most often referred to as "the Lawgiver."

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    Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris

    Work on the ancient bell tower of Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés was started in 990 AD
    One of the oldest churches, Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés,  in Paris is found on the south bank of the river Seine. It goes back to 542, when Paris was ruled by the Merovingian dynasty. It was inaugurated Christmas of 558, and was the home of the relics of Saint Vincent of Saragossa
    Busy modern streets of Quartier Latin
    The remains of the saint was brought back by Childebert I. By the 6th century the Merovingians had built their royal palace on the Ïle de la Cité, the historic heart of the French capital. The first church was clearly visible from the royal palace.  
    The present building is a beautiful Romanesque style basilica dating back to the 11th century. By then the previous church had been ravaged by the Normans on numerous occasions, and made room for the "new" one.

    Work on the bell tower was started in 990 and ended in 1014, and it is one of the oldest towers of its kind in France. Its massive bells are held up by the massive structure.   
    Today it is located in the busy Quartier Latin, one part of Paris that never sleeps with countless restaurants and bars. Here you find the same narrow streets as in the Marais districts. 
    Medieval mysteries of the interior
    But when you enter the church, you will find the contrast to the busy streets  outside. It is a dark mysterious atmospherejust found in a building enterring its second millenium. 
    The Abbey around the church used to one of the richest in France. Nearly all of it has vanished, only the church remains.
    The churchs founder, Childebert is buried in the Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés with his successors.

    Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés is an ancient historic memorial as central to Parisian history as the Notre Dame, and as well worth a visit.

    Here are a few more photos of the church and its surroundings 

    Tower and exterior. Romanesque arches, maybe remains the the medieval Abbey 
    Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés - interior 
    Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés - view towards the alter

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    Fly non-stop Oslo-Incheon South Korea summer 2013

    Photo: Shacho0822
    There will be non-stop flights from Oslo to Incheon, South Korea's third largest city from May 25th 2013.   
    Geirangerfjord. Photo: Andreas Trepte,
    Five chartered Korean Air flights will bring Korean tourists to Norway from May 2013. Korean tourists may visit a wide range of destinations in Norway as well as Denmark and Sweden. Korean tourists are offered explore the city of Bergen, the impressive Geirangerfjorden, North Cape or travel along the coasts with Hurtigruten, the cruise line between Bergen and Kirkenes. 
    Norway had 70 000 overnight visits from South Korea in 2012, over twice as many as Sweden and three times the overnight visits registered in Denmark. 5 flights with 1260 passengers are set up from Incheon in South Korea by Korean owned charter companies Kal Tours and Kal Pak starting May 25th 2013.   

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    Coming up in June 2013: Geneva, Switzerland

    Montage for the Geneva article on Wikipedia by MadGeographer
    Enjoy Food & Travel will once again visit Geneva, Switzerland in June 2013. Geneva is beautifully located by the banks of Lac de Geneve and enclosed by the Jura mountains and the Alps. It is a cosmopolitan city hosting the headquarters of several international organizations. 

    As Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, we have earlier stayed in the community of Ferney-Voltaire just across the border, but still close to Geneva Airport. It is home to around 8000 inhabitants. 
    From 1759 to 1778 Ferney was home to French writer and philosopher Voltaire. He built the local church and founded cottage industries that produced some of the finest potters and watchmakers of modern France.

    After the French Revolution, the town was renamed "Ferney-Voltaire" in his honor.

    This time we will stay in the small village Saint Genis Pouilly, visiting friends. So stay tuned for more stories from the Franco-Swiss border area this June

    Geneva on Enjoy Food & Travel 2011-2013 - see map here

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    UPDATED: Restaurants on Enjoy Food & Travel 2012

    Vichyssoise served at La Taberna de Puerto, Sitges Spain (Coming)
    To make it easier for you, I have compiled all the rated restaurants and other restaurant stories on Enjoy Food & Travel for the year 2012 on this page. Enjoy!!
    1. Dar Donab, Marrakech (MO): BBBBB- (4,65 points)
      Palais Donab is an exclusive riad in the middle of Marrakech, Morocco. The riad offers excellent dining in exclusive surroundings and we went there twice and enjoyed some of our best meals in Marrakech here.

    2. Tony Roma's, Lima (PE): BBBBB- (4,64 points)
      Our first meal in Lima was, if not Peruvian, American. Lunch at Tony Roma's had that feeling of the United States, but there were clear signs showing that we were in South America.

    3. Restaurant Sankt Annæ, Copenhagen (DK): BBBB+ (4,50 points) First sandwich stop was Restaurant Sankt Annæ at Skt Annæs Plads, located in a beautiful historic Nyhavn area at Copenhagen harbour. It was a claustrophobic experience in a classic interior, but the food was great!!

    4. Bar Restaurant Cordano, Lima (PE): BBBB+ (4,47 points) Bar Restaurant Cordano in the old part of Lima is not only a restaurant, it is an institution. It has served the citizen of Lima for over 100 years.

    5. t'Kelderke, Brussels (BE): BBBB+ (4,30 points)
      I am not impressed by most of the restaurants located at or close to Grand Place in Brussels. Most look inviting and some tempt with impressive displays of ingredients or prepared dishes.

    6. Imroz, Istanbul (TY): BBBB+ (4,29 points)
      We were on our way to see the legendary Pera Palace Hotel on the Galata side, when we started looking for lunch. We walked through narrow alley ways in order to find a restaurant and ended at Imroz.

    7. Taberna del Puerto, Sitges (ES): BBBB (4,20 points)
      Still this tranquil area has a great deal to offer as nice hotels, a beach and a few decent restaurants. Taberna del Puerto is definitely one of the best in the area.

    8. Schwartzer Peter, Heidelberg (DE): BBBB (4,02 points)
      Schwartzer Peter in Heidelbergs Bergheim district was my nephew's local kneipe when he studied in Heidelberg. One evening we went to dine there, and it was a good experience. 

    9. Palais de Chine, Ferney-Voltaire (FR): BBBB (3,95 points)
      I am not the biggest fan of Chinese restaurants, as I assume that most of them are far removed from the original. The Palais de Chine in Ferney-Voltaire is absolutely the rule, rather than the exception.  

    10. Fiskeriet Youngstorget, Oslo (NO): BBBB (3,80 points)
      To our joy another specialty shop, Fiskeriet, opened selling seafood, and takeaway. There is also a bar serving a small selection of fish, mussels and crustaceas.
    11. Dimmick Inn & Steakhouse, Milford PA (US): BBBB (3,76 points)
      Dimmick Inn & Steakhouse is absolutely worth visiting if you happen to be in Milford PA. The food is good and reasonably priced, and the service was good. If the old building had been totally restored back to its former beauty it would have been a pearl! 

    12. Erzincanli Ali Baba,  Istanbul (TY): BBBB- (3,74 points)Erzincanli Ali Bab is a place where locals eat. No smart interior, but probably the best place to eat authentic Turkish food in Istanbul. 

    13. Legal Seafood, Braintree, MA (US): BBBB- (3,72 points)
      Legal Sea Foods is a chain of restaurants founded in the Boston area and found in the Greater Boston area. We decided to have lunch at the Legal Sea Foods at South Shore Plaza in Braintree on Bostons south shore.

    14. Delicatessen, Oslo (NO): BBBB- (3,71 points)Delicatessen is the name of two tapas restaurants in Oslo, and I went to dine there. Delicatessen was a far cry from the best tapas-places I have visited, and is surpassed by many other similar restaurants in Oslo
    15. El Waha, Marrakech (MO): BBB+ (3,48 points) The biggest asset of El Waha is its rooftop location on Djemaa el Fna, Marrakech main square. Its second is the price of the food. 

    16. D. José, Hamburg (DE): BBB+ (3,38 points)
      D. José had a Mediterranean theme follow the interior as well as the food but neither of the interpretations were very convincing.    

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      Rooftop breakfast in Miraflores

      Fresh pastry from Perlizza with mustard, butter, cheese and cold cuts heated in a toaster oven
      Many of the experiences I miss from the past, and I should love to relive, are the small moments. One of these were the rooftop breakfasts I and my friend Laila experienced in Miraflores in Lima a year ago.
      Calle San Fernando, outside our house
      Our corner of Miraflores was Calle San Fernando, just a stone's throw away from Larcomar, a clifftop shopping mall. We stayed in my nephew's penthouse appartment overlooking the Peruvian capital, and every morning we had breakfast on the rooftop terrace. 
      My vacation routine was the same every morning. It was such a relief to switch from winter clothing and slip into shorts, T-shirt and slippers. I took the lift down to the ground floor, followed the street to a little square with a small shop selling fresh pastry, cheese, butter, cold cuts, and orange juice. Perlizza Baguetteria sold the best, fresh croissants, rolls, and loaves to be enjoyed every morning. 
      Cold cuts from Perlizza
      I and Laila loved every minute, every second of our breakfasts. Fresh pastry, freshly brewed coffee, juice made from Peruvian oranges enjoyed in the tropical heat.

      I bought sliced cheese, cold cuts, and fresh pastry to bring back home. My nephew had a little toaster oven and we made sandwiches with mustard, cheese and boiled ham and grilled them in the toaster until the cheese melted and the pastry became even crispier.

      Then we walked up the stairs to sit in the sun, enjoying the view of the city waking up, watching the parrots flying by. Being in the tropics.

      God I miss it, and how much I would have wished to go back and re experience one of these breakfasts.  But these small moments will be one of the sweetest memories I will bring on for the rest of my life.

      Pastry, cheddar cheese and cold cuts from Perlizza
      Morning view from our rooftop terrace at Calle San Fernando. Miraflores, Lima

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