Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sights on Enjoy Food & Travel 2013

               March 28th 2012: Beautiful Macchu  Picchu, Peru bathing in sunlight 
To make it easier for you, I have compiled all the sights on Enjoy Food & Travel for the year 2013 on this page. Enjoy!!

  • Narbonne House anno 1675, Salem MA (March 9th 2013)
    For Europeans a 17th century house is a reasonably old structure. In the United States a 17th century building spans nearly the life of a whole nation. The Narbonne House in Salem, MA is such a house.
  • Saadian Tombs, Marrakech (January 9th 2013)
    The Saadian Tombs is a sight every traveler to Marrakech should visit. They are located in a secret enclosed in the Kasbah area, with old sights as the Mosque el Mansour, Bab Agnaou and the El Badi Palace close by.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Rating Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz

Park Inn Berlin-Alexanderplatz is the tallest building in Berlin
I stayed at Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz back in 2007, and I had sa great time. Returning to Berlin in January we booked a business class room on the upper floor. I am glad to say that I am as delighted to stay in this hotel as back in 2006. 
Rating Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz: BBBBB- (4,58 points)
  • Location: BBBBB
  • Service: BBBB
  • Room: BBBBB
  • Breakfast: BBBBB
  • Facilities: BBBBB
  • Price: BBBB 
Alexanderplatz was the hub of the former East Berlin
Alexanderplatz was the centre of the East-Berlin, the former capital of DDR and the place for those of you that love the urban jungle. If you are into quiet romantic, and cozy, this is definitely nothing for you, but I loved every minute of it.

Looking west towards Berlin City Hall

The Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz offers top notch for service, well that is most certainly the case in the reception. We were even allowed to keep our room till 4 PM on our day of departure without extra charge.

Comfortable double bed

Slow service in the breakfast room

The staff in the breakfast room did not offer the same good service. They were quite slow to clear tables and to bring coffee to us, so much so that we had to get our own coffee

Room 3102 - high class business acommodation 

We were given room 3102 a large room on the top of the giant Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz with windows on both sides with view to die for  towards the old TV-tower and most of the former East German capital. From room 3102 we had the German capital at our feet as it stretched out.

Room 3102 had enough space for a seating area
Room 3102 was a business class room, very well maintained and held the highest hygienic standards. It felt spacious, even though it was smaller and more compact than most of the other large hotel rooms I have stayed in, as the bathroom and toilet were constructed as a cubicle inside the room dividing the space with walls of frosted glass.

Bathroom sink
But the designers had the made the most of the space, making room for a small seating area by the breathtaking view of the TV-tower. There was a good, reasonably priced mini bar, safe, and a kettle so you could brew your own coffee in the morning. I wished more hotels had such a small luxury for their guests.

There was also a working space, all in all the room had all the functions needed for a business executive as well as an ordinary tourist.

The hotel room was in mint condition, hardly a spot on the wall, or a crack in the tiles in the bathroom. Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz bear the mark of being continously maintained.

Decent breakfast included

Room 3102 - comfortable bed
Breakfast is not included in the price for economy class guests, but was included for (us) business class travelers.

The breakfast buffet had an exceptionally wide selection of food. Several alternatives of warm food (scrambled boiled, fried eggs, bacon, sausages and more) as well as cheese, cold cuts, salads, patés, and jam for those of you with a sweet tooth.

For those of you that prefer healthier alternatives you could pick from fruit, yoghurt, and cereal or sweet Danish pastry as an end of the meal. Freshly brewed coffee, tea and juice.  

Hotel Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz is a modern business hotel with following facilities:
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Shops in hotel
  • Restaurant (à la carte)
  • Restaurant (buffet)
  • Sauna
  • Fitness centre
  • Spa and wellness centre
  • Whirlpool
  • Wi-fi (Not included)
I have criticised the hotel for charging money for internet.  WiFi is available in all areas and the hotel will charge you EUR 6.50 per hour or EUR 18 per 24 hours. Free internet does not cost the hotel much compared the goodwill it will create among the guests.

Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz  is overall extremely well run and maintained. The only sign of real wear and tear was the condition of the furniture in the breakfast room, that had clear signs of the frequent use over many years. 

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Paella for dinner

A pan of beautiful Spanish paella
Paella, the Spanish Risotto originating from the Valencia Region is a inexpensive, simple and tasty dinner. What you do need for that Spanish taste, is the original paella seasoning. The good news is that most well stocked supermarkets have a brand or two. 
Add fresh prawns at the end of the cooking time
When I make a pan of paella, I am struck by the beauty of the dish. The golden coloured rice reflects the Spanish sun, corral coloured prawns of the (once) abundance of seafood of the Mediterranean. 
The traditional paella use chicken meat. I love the fiery red chorizo, Spanish sausage packed with flavour not easily replaced by any other variety. Made from pork, they still remind me of the merguez sausages of the Maghreb
I substituted green peas for asparagus
I used green asparagus, but the original recipe contains small green peas. 
The Paella reflects Spain's Arab roots as well, and it is so easy to make. Fry onions, garlic, and rice in olive oil in a non-stick pan. Add chicken stock in portions, allowing the liquid to evaporate until the rice get tender. 
Add seasoning, sausages and asparagus at the middle of the cooking time, and the prawns just before serving.  
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Presentation of Kristiansand, Norway

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Kristiansand, Norway is opening up to European destination through new non-stop flights. Earlier travelers to the administrative, business and cultural capital of "Sørlandet"  - Southern Norway, had to change planes at Oslo International Airport. Now you can reach the city via direct connections from Amsterdam, Gdansk, Copenhagen,  Barcelona, London and Paris. 
The city is located in the middle of what international media have named "the coolest riviera". The present population of 80.000 makes Kristiansand Norway's fifth largest city.
Here is a small film clip showing what Kristiansand has to offer those foreigners visiting the southern most tip of Norway. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

NEW AND BETTER: Direct flights from Kristiansand Airport

Vis MARCH 2013: All non-stop flights from Kjevik Airport i et større kart 

This new and improved map shows domestic, charter and international direct flights operated by all airlines from Kristiansand Kjevik Airport. It shows seasonal as well as flights running all year.
It is based on information from the Kristiansand Kjevik Airport official website. Errors may occur. Do consult airport website or airline for updated information.
  • Red marker means that flights has been cancelled or seasonal and not in operation.
  • Green marker for planned services. Time span mean that one or more flights will be operating during the period. Check the label for more information.
  • Airplane marker means that at least one air carrier has service in operation all year around. More airlines may have seasonal flights to the destination.  Check the label for more information. 
  • Activity marker means the destination is predominantly a charter destination. Seasonal regular flights may operate. Check the label for more information.  

WizzAir start flights Kristiansand to Gdansk

WizzAir Airbus A320 at Katowice airport. Photo: Piotr Hojka
Hungarian low cost carrier WizzAir will start non-stop flights from Kjevik Airport to Gdansk, Poland May 15th  2013. Kjevik is the 7th Norwegian airport serviced by the Hungarian airline. 
City Hall. Photo: Marcin Białek
WizzAir is currently running flights from Torp, Stavanger, Haugesund, Bergen, Ålesund and Trondheim.  
Flights Kristiansand - Gdansk will run every Wednesday and Sunday.  
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Fly NonStop - a new low cost carrier

The Fly NonStop Embraer 190. Photo: Conpany website
Fly Nonstop, a new air carrier will start flights from Kristiansand - Kjevik Airport to 8 European destinations this spring. Intriguing. 

Fly NonStop is a new air carrier created by local investors headed by the Hennig Olsen family, expanding from ice cream into air travel. Flights will start with their 100 seat Embraer 190 from Kristiansand Airport to the following destinations this spring: 
  • Barcelona (From NOK 2498 / € 335)
  • Berlin (From NOK 1798 / € 241)
  • Dubrovnik (From NOK 2398 / € 321)
  • London (From NOK 1998 / € 268)
  • Nice (From NOK 2498 / € 335)
  • Palma de Mallorca (From NOK 2598 / € 348)
  • Paris (From NOK 1998 / € 268)
  • Parma (From NOK 2298 / € 308)
Fly NonStop will also fly from Ålesund Airport to Nice June to August 2013. 

Read more on their website (Norwegian only)