Friday, February 15, 2013

NEW AND BETTER: Direct flights from Oslo Airport

Vis All non-stop flights from Oslo Airport 2013 i et større kart
This new and improved map shows domestic, charter and international direct flights operated by all airlines from Oslo Airport. It shows seasonal as well as flights running all year.
It is based on information from the Oslo Airport official website. Errors may occur. Do consult airport website or airline for updated information.
  • Red marker means that flights has been cancelled or seasonal and not in operation.
  • Green marker for planned services. Time span mean that one or more flights will be operating during the period. Check the label for more information.
  • Airplane marker means that at least one air carrier has service in operation all year around. More airlines may have seasonal flights to the destination.  Check the label for more information. 
  • Activity marker means the destination is predominantly a charter destination. Seasonal regular flights may operate. Check the label for more information.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Making calamondin liquor

My modest calamondin harvest
Last spring I bought the cutest little orange tree. To my surprise small green fruits appeared after it had produced a large numer of scenting flowers. They turned yellow during this winter, and the other day I picked my first small oranges or calamondin
Ready to to be immersed in alcohol...
The small oranges are not sweet, rather sour, reminding you of lime- As there were not fruits in abundance, I decided to start a citrus liquor. 
I had a bottle of 60 % alcohol. I divided the fruits in quarters, leaving the scale on. I even found some pips, that may produce new trees. 
I filled up a jar with 1 part water and two 60 % alcohol, added a decent amount of sugar and then added the fruits. Now they are going to immerse in the liquid for a long period. I may even add more fruits coming season in order to get even more citrus flavour.