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UPDATED: Food stories on Enjoy Food & Travel 2012

Duck in vegetable stock
Here is a list of food stories published on Enjoy Food & Travel 2012

  • An American tapas meal (October 21st 2012)
    SCITUATE MA, 7.18 AM: I am looking back. Yesterday we had cold tapas for lunch, and a cup of Legal Seafood lobsta' bisque.
  • Culinary Catalonia - chorizos, patés and poultry (February 22nd 2012)
    One of the main reasons why I love Catalonia is their rich culinary culture.

  • Cured ham from Tuddal (June 6th 2012)
    For someone who shy away from Norwegian ham, I was highly surprised by a cured ham from Tuddal in Telemark served during a tasting session at Fenaknoken a week ago.
    • Delious fava beans (August 24th 2012)
      We were surprised to find that the large green pods were not packed with beans, some were empty, others contained two or three, while just a few were full
    • Fenaknoken, Oslo - presentation (June 13th 2012) For those of you looking for high quality food products to bring home, Fenaknoken is one out several specialty shops in Oslo

    • A festive dinner menu (January 3rd 2012)
      Coming Saturday I will arrange my friend Ketil's 55th birthday. I have composed a five course dinner. Here is what I am gonna serve.

    • Food, flower & plant (May 8th 2012)
      Funny enough, very few contemplate to plants seeds of grapes, oranges, or even bulbs or roots that they use in their cooking.

    • Food on rails, food in the air (May 23rd 2012)
      In Peru, however, you get meals on wings, as well as rails. It was not much, but it was included. Great stuff!

    • Franco-Swiss starter, and more.... (August 28th 2012)One evening we were invited to dinner in the small village of Saint Genis-Pouilly resting on the giant CERN-facility.

    • French breakfast rituals (July 27th 2012)
      There are two breakfast rituals that give me that particular French feeling. The first is a visit to the baker's in the morning to buy freshly baked baguettes, the second is a warm croissant with butter and jam and strong coffee outside on a Paris morning.

    • From 2012: Growing vegetables on my own allotment (March 6th 2012)
      From this season I have been given access to an allotment garden close to where I live. Starting in April I will harvest my own vegetables and herbs and prepare food according to season.
    • Gardening break (May 2nd 2012)
      I don't believe it! I have been absent from my blog for a week. This as my muscles ache from gardening, and I am completely worn out every evening.
    • Grocery shopping in Peru (June 13th 2012) Staying in an apartment in Lima gives you a possibility to live an everyday life. This includes one of my favourite past-time, doing some grocery shopping at the local supermarket.
    • Hageparsell 38 - Our allotment blog (March 10th 2010)
      Hageparsell 38 is my Norwegian allotment blog. First posting was today, as I take over allotment 38 at Holmlia Parsellhage tomorrow.
    • Harvard breakfast bagel (February 7th 2012)
      Au Bon Pain at Harvard Square is a favourite of mine. Every year I treat myself top a coffee and a small treat while watching the busy life of the famous university campus.
    • Ida Davidsen makes Danish open faced sandwiches (June 23rd 2012)
      There is nobody like Danish Open Face Sandwich specialist, Ida Davidsen to explain how you prepare can prepare a tasty open sandwich.

    • In quest of Peruvian delicacies (July 6th 2012) I did some serious grocery shopping before leaving Lima, but there were at least one ingredient that I did not get - a good bottle of Pisco, in order to make a pisco sour.
    • Marcolinis mouthwatering macarones (November 9th 2012)
      Who can resist French macarones? I cannot. So I and my friend and Enjoy Food & Travel were trapped in sweet heaven in front of Pierre Marcolinis shop in downtown Paris, France.  
    • Mediterranean finger food (February 28th 2012)
      Turkey and Spain on a 19th century Staffordshire plate in full harmony. I simply love Mediterranean finger food!!
    • Midsummer tapas party( July 28th 2012)
      I was born on mid summer in 1961. So, I throw a party every July, and these last years I have made tapas. 2012 was no exception. Here are a few of the things I made.

    • More cannelloni (January 3rd 2012)
      I made cannelloni the other day. It is my favourite pasta dish.

    • More Turkish sweets (January 31st 2012)
      Turkish sweets is very, very sweet, even for those of us that like an occasional cake or piece of chocolate. Here are a few photos of some sweets from Istanbul.

    • Moroccan chocolates from Pralinor (January 10th 2012)
      One of the food stuffs you may bring home from an area outside the EU / EEA area is chocolate, as these pralines I brought back from Marrakech, Morocco.

    • Mother of all zucchinis (August 12th 2012) Surprise - a zucchini growing from dwarf to giant on our allotment last week. This is most definitely the mother of them all.
    • Nifty small bowls and cups for small servings (June 28th 2012)
      The endless effort to impress friends and family, leads to an equally endless quest for new ideas. This does not only include new ingredients or ways to prepare food. It also includes way to serve food. 
    • Sunday brunch tray (February 21st 2012)
      My friend Dagfinn came over last Sunday for brunch. The easiest option for me was to serve bread, crackers and organize different spreads, cold cuts, cheese, fish on a tray. 

    • Sweet tooth at Café Husaren - Göteborg (November 29th 2012)
      Café Husaren is a wonderful old-style café with the most remarkable interior details and some very scrumptious pastries.
    • Toque du Chef Couscous Royal - Royal junk! (January 17th 2012)
      Opening another can of Moroccan food is opening another can of culinary disaster. Avoid the Couscous Royal offered by the brand Toque du Chef. It was terrible!

    • 2012 - an a"maize"ing harvest? (August 25th 2012)
      First year on the allotment, we decided to try maize. After this dreary summer, I had, and still have doubts whether we would see it bloom, or if we would get a harvest. At least it bloomed.

    • Trade in Pangasius fillet worldwide (February 15th 2012)
      Pangasius is a catfish indigenous to the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. It grows fast; the flesh is white and firm, and does not have many bones.   

    End of shelf life discounts

    Tesco low carb British Pork. Photo: Edward
    This is a great piece of advice for hard times. Look for discounts for products at the end of their shelf life. I did today and stocked up quality food for my freezer. 
    Big discounts on meats and fish at the end of shelf life
    Many supermarkets give big discounts for products at their end of their shelf life. The date of consumption shows you the recommended point of time by which you should prepare or use the food. 
    A products shelf life is marked either as a "use by"  or best before date. The use by date shows you the last recommended point of time of use. This does not necessarily mean that the food has gone bad after this point, but I highly recommend not to eat it after the date.
    The "best before" date means that the food in itself will not go bad after the date, but storing it further may affect the taste or quality of the product.
    Expiration data. Photo: Edward
    Many supermarkets offer big discounts on meats and fish close to the use by date. Today I found a large heap of meats for sale at my local supermarket. 
    I ended up with 7 packets of fillet steak, chopped pork and beef, and sausages, as well as a packet of freshly made stuffed cannelloni at discounts up to 50 %. 
    I have just returned to my appartment and placed the newly acquired delicacies in my deep freezer. This food will provide dinners for at least two weeks. 
    So why not look for similar bargains the next time you are at your own supermarket and do some smart smart shopping fit for a recession. 
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    Recipes on Enjoy Food & Travel 2012

    Preparing baked lobster with scallops
     To make it easier for you, I have compiled all the recipes on Enjoy Food &Travel for the year 2012 on this page. Enjoy!!


    • Almond Truffles - Moroccan "Zellige" cookie variation (January 10th 2012)
      I found the site Here you get to learn how to cook real Moroccan food, and I guarantee you will be intrigued by the taste of the Maghreb!

    • Asian style salmon tartar (January 11th 2012)
      This little clip from YouTube demonstrates an alternative, and equally easy way to prepare Asian style salmon tartar.
    • Chorizo Pasta Recipe (February 22nd 2012)
      Here you have an idea how to to use any Spanish chorizo left in your refrigerator.
    • Delicious fava beans (August 24th 2012)There are few things so satisfactory as harvesting one's own produce, as we did last Sunday. We collected what we took in our basket, bring it up to my appartment to prepare a good meal.
    • First harvest salad (June 14th 2012)
      This is a historic photo. The salad leaves are from our own allotment. Sown just four weeks ago we were ready for our first harvest, and there is more left - much, much more......
    • Flavours of a Portuguese seasoning'n roasting bag (September 10th 2012)
      I love international seasoning, and my friend Dagfinn brought a seasoning and roasting back from Madeira. Yesterday we tried it, and these packages are practical as you can prepare dinner with vegetables without adding fat.
    • Flæskesteg or Danish Pork Roast (November 24th 2012) Danish Flæskesteg is made from sirloin of pork but with the crispy crackling. This makes it easy to cut as well as you got the delicious cracklings on top.
    • Fried pangasius fillet with lobster sauce (January 15th 2012)
      I invited my friend Ketil to dinner, and improvised a four course dinner. For the first time I prepared pangasius fillet, and I made the dish into a luxury feast, adding lobster, scallops and tiger prawns. Yum!!

    • Fried wolffish with white wine sauce (June 21st 2012)
      Especially those deep water fish with firm, white meat. One of these are the Wolffish, and I served delish fried fillet of this deep water beast the other day.
    • How to make your own Baklava (January 31st 2012)
      Here is an instructional video for those of you that want to try to make your own baklava, the most classic of all sweet tasty, Turkish treats. 
    • Ida Davidsen makes Danish open faced sandwiches (June 23rd 2012)
      There is nobody like Danish Open Face Sandwich specialist, Ida Davidsen to explain how you prepare can prepare a tasty open sandwich.

    • Italian toast (April 27th 2012)
      Post working day dinner means lazy food, and Italian toast is the simplest meal ever. Made from bread, pre made sauces, sliced ham, and grated cheese, it takes minutes to assemble. 

      • Lazy Sunday chicken (April 24th 2012)
        I always buy seasoning when I visit destinations outside Europe. Last fall I roamed through the shelves of Scituate Market looking for cooking flavours. I chose a few McCormick Bag'n Season, including this "Original Chicken".

      • Legal Seafood's Goat Cheese Salad (March 25th 2012)
        For those of you looking for a Legal Sea Foods Restaurant in Boston, you do not have to the South Shore Plaza to enjoy the delicious lobster bisque. 
      • Make your own medister (January 25th 2012)
        Medister is not available outside Scandinavia, but it is easy to make your own. Here are a few recipes to try.
      • Pastitisio - an authentic Greek specialty (April 13th 2012)
        Pastitsio (Greek: παστίτσιο), is a Greek baked pasta dish equivalent to the Italian lasagna. To make a pastitstio  one layer of meat sauce is topped with a layer of penne rigate or other pasta in a thick bechamel sauce and cheese.

      • Pomodorini Margherita (September 13th 2012)
        Many dishes are named after queen Margherita of Italy, and they all hold the colours of the flag of the united Italy, red, hvite and green. So does this dish.

      • Poulet farci (January 25th 2012)I have rediscovered medister, a Norwegian ground meat mixture made from pork. Seasoned with salt pepper, ground ginger and nutmeg it is very popular during Christmas, but can be used all year around.
      • Salmon tartar with capers (January 11th 2012)
        This Salmon tartar with capers is probably one of the easiest, and by far one of the best starters I have ever made. I found the recipe on the Norwegian website

      • Sandwich with liverpaté with fried mushrooms and honey roasted bacon with tabasco (January 18th 2012)
        I usually make a open sandwich brunch the first day of the year. As I was away for thid years New Year celebration, I decided to invite a few select friends for a late Christmas Open Sandwich Buffet.

      • Smoked mackerel spread (September 15th 2012)
        I had this idea that smoked mackerel might be delicious finely chopped and mixed with Hellmann's mayonnaise and Dijon mustard, and I was right.
      • Smoked salmon spread (September 15th 2012)
        Salmon and cream cheese is an old combination, renowned from the famous Jewish salmon and lox bagels.

      • Spareribs - easy Swedish grub (May 17th 2012)
        Easy choice of grub for dinner after our Swedish excursion on Saturday. Spareribs ready to be served for just SEK 39,90 ($ 5,71 / € 4,44), a kilo, and I did as Oscar Wilde said; I can resist anything but temptation, and gave in!

      • St Louis Style Barbecue Spare Ribs by the BBQ Pit Boys (May 17th 2012)
        I came over this delicious way to prepare spareribs from the deep south on YouTube.
      • Tex-MeXmas Casserole (January 4th 2012)
        After stocking food for three traditional Norwegian Christmas meals I am left with a phenomenal amount of leftovers. Pork rib, Christmas sausages and meatballs fill up my freezer and ready to be used in culinary experiments.

      • Topping and stew, the ultimate all-in-one solution (April 13th 2012)
        On Monday I made dinner for the whole week. One large baking tray with one layer of ragù (tomato stew) topped with dauphinoise potatoes. Easy and very delicious - a all-in-one solution for a busy one-man household, really.
      • Traditional Christmas Sandwich (January 18th 2012)
        I usually make a open sandwich brunch the first day of the year. As I was away for thid years New Year celebration, I decided to invite a few select friends for a late Christmas Open Sandwich Buffet. 

      • Zucchini flowers with crab meat and yellow tomato vinaigrette (March 7th 2012)
        With my new allotment I may prepare zucchini blossoms this summer. Maybe I'll try Zucchini flowers with crab meat and yellow tomato vinaigrette?

      • Delicious zucchini lasagne (August 13th 2012)
        In these low-carb times, we are looking for ingredients replacing those packed with starch, as lasagna sheets. When left with a monstrous zucchini, one good idea is to use slices of zucchini to separate the tomato sauce and bechamel layers.

      Eat sprouts! It's good for you!

      Brussels sproouts. Photo: Eric Hunt
      I made a reindeer casserole the other day and had brussels sprouts as side dish - too many sprouts. I ate leftover casserole for two days and prepared a brussels sprout soup with bacon for the third. I have no recipe for this soup, as usual, but the ingredients are easy and open for improvization - cold steamed vegetables, hot chicken stock, cream fraiche and a blender.  
      Brussels sprout soup with bacon (serves 2)
      To make this soup you'll need (approximate quantity)
      • 100 grams / 3,5 oz bacon, diced
      • 1 tbsp olive oil
      • 200 grams /7 oz brussels sprouts, cold, steamed and halved
      • 70 cl / 1,2 pints hot water
      • 2 cubes chicken stock
      • Flour (optional)
      • 3 tbsp creme fraiche
      • 2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce (optional)
      Heat oil and fry diced bacon until crispy and brown. Place on kitchen paper to dry. 

      Boil water in a hot water kettle. Fry brussels sprouts in residue oil. Pour water over the sprouts and add the chicken stock cubes. Allow stock to dissolve and sprouts to be heated through. 
      Pour stock and vegetables in a blender, add creme fraiche and liquidize until smooth. Add flour if you want a smoother soup.
      Pour blended soup bak in casserole. Add chilli sauce for balance and season to taste. 
      Serve with crispy bacon and bread.    
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      Park Inn Alexanderplatz - a correction

      My traveling companion MacBook. Photo: Blurpeace
      This is my traveling companion. My MacBook is with me on all my trips. I thought I would have to leave it at home while traveling to Berlin, as I was informed that using the WI-FI at Berlin Alexanderplatz, as internet access cost € 18 per night. I was, however, informed by the hotel staff that for us booking a  Business Friendly double room, this necessity is included - besides breakfast. 
      I am ofcourse happy for this privilege, but the rest of the guests at the hotel will have to pay for internet access, a service that at most other hotels is offering for free. So I strongly recommend Park Inn Alexanderplatz to include wi-fi for free for all guests.

      Sunday, January 13, 2013

      COMING UP: Berlin, Germany

      Vis Berlin on Enjoy Food & Travel i et større kart 
      In a weeks time I will be in Berlin, Germany. This will be my third time in the German capital, an intriguing and very inexpensiv destinations, particularly for us Scandinavians and only a 1 hour and 35 minute flight away from Oslo.
      Interhotel Stadt Berlin in 1976.
      This will an ultra short trip, as we leave with Norwegian Air Shuttle on Friday evening arriving Berlin Schönefeld Airport at 8 PM. Returning flight will be quite exactly 48 hour later, and we will arrive at Oslo Airport 10.30 PM Sunday evening.

      We will stay in the East, in the heart of the former capital of the DDR - Alexanderplatz. We have booked an exective room at Park Inn Alexanderplatz, Berlins tallest building and once Hotel Forum, the pride of the Communist east.

      These rooms are located in the upper three floor of this tall building. Secretly I hope that we will get the dream view, facing the TV-tower nearby. If not, we are guaranteed a superb view of downtown Berlin.

      TV-tower with Park Inn in the background
      I have stayed at Park Inn Alexanderplatz and loved every minute. It is a great first class hotel, surprisingly inexpensive. We have chosen one of the priciest rooms priced aty € 155 per night. This includes free newspaper in the morning and includes breakfast as well.

      One of the down sides, however, is that you will have to pay € 18 per day (!) for internet access. THAT is outrageous, in the cyber age. 

      What to do, what to see, where to eat? 48 hours is far too little time, but just enough to be teased a bit. I have a few favourites from my previous travels, but why do the same things twice?

      So to find out,  stay tuned for stories from Berlin here on Enjoy Food & Travel!!

      (Photo: Park Inn - Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-R0513-0027 / CC-BY-SA and TV-tower - nervousenergy)