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UPDATED: Restaurants on Enjoy Food & Travel 2012

Vichyssoise served at La Taberna de Puerto, Sitges Spain (Coming)
To make it easier for you, I have compiled all the rated restaurants and other restaurant stories on Enjoy Food & Travel for the year 2012 on this page. Enjoy!!
  1. Dar Donab, Marrakech (MO): BBBBB- (4,65 points)
    Palais Donab is an exclusive riad in the middle of Marrakech, Morocco. The riad offers excellent dining in exclusive surroundings and we went there twice and enjoyed some of our best meals in Marrakech here.

  2. Tony Roma's, Lima (PE): BBBBB- (4,64 points)
    Our first meal in Lima was, if not Peruvian, American. Lunch at Tony Roma's had that feeling of the United States, but there were clear signs showing that we were in South America.

  3. Restaurant Sankt Annæ, Copenhagen (DK): BBBB+ (4,50 points) First sandwich stop was Restaurant Sankt Annæ at Skt Annæs Plads, located in a beautiful historic Nyhavn area at Copenhagen harbour. It was a claustrophobic experience in a classic interior, but the food was great!!

  4. Bar Restaurant Cordano, Lima (PE): BBBB+ (4,47 points) Bar Restaurant Cordano in the old part of Lima is not only a restaurant, it is an institution. It has served the citizen of Lima for over 100 years.

  5. t'Kelderke, Brussels (BE): BBBB+ (4,30 points)
    I am not impressed by most of the restaurants located at or close to Grand Place in Brussels. Most look inviting and some tempt with impressive displays of ingredients or prepared dishes.

  6. Imroz, Istanbul (TY): BBBB+ (4,29 points)
    We were on our way to see the legendary Pera Palace Hotel on the Galata side, when we started looking for lunch. We walked through narrow alley ways in order to find a restaurant and ended at Imroz.

  7. Taberna del Puerto, Sitges (ES): BBBB (4,20 points)
    Still this tranquil area has a great deal to offer as nice hotels, a beach and a few decent restaurants. Taberna del Puerto is definitely one of the best in the area.

  8. Schwartzer Peter, Heidelberg (DE): BBBB (4,02 points)
    Schwartzer Peter in Heidelbergs Bergheim district was my nephew's local kneipe when he studied in Heidelberg. One evening we went to dine there, and it was a good experience. 

  9. Palais de Chine, Ferney-Voltaire (FR): BBBB (3,95 points)
    I am not the biggest fan of Chinese restaurants, as I assume that most of them are far removed from the original. The Palais de Chine in Ferney-Voltaire is absolutely the rule, rather than the exception.  

  10. Fiskeriet Youngstorget, Oslo (NO): BBBB (3,80 points)
    To our joy another specialty shop, Fiskeriet, opened selling seafood, and takeaway. There is also a bar serving a small selection of fish, mussels and crustaceas.
  11. Dimmick Inn & Steakhouse, Milford PA (US): BBBB (3,76 points)
    Dimmick Inn & Steakhouse is absolutely worth visiting if you happen to be in Milford PA. The food is good and reasonably priced, and the service was good. If the old building had been totally restored back to its former beauty it would have been a pearl! 

  12. Erzincanli Ali Baba,  Istanbul (TY): BBBB- (3,74 points)Erzincanli Ali Bab is a place where locals eat. No smart interior, but probably the best place to eat authentic Turkish food in Istanbul. 

  13. Legal Seafood, Braintree, MA (US): BBBB- (3,72 points)
    Legal Sea Foods is a chain of restaurants founded in the Boston area and found in the Greater Boston area. We decided to have lunch at the Legal Sea Foods at South Shore Plaza in Braintree on Bostons south shore.

  14. Delicatessen, Oslo (NO): BBBB- (3,71 points)Delicatessen is the name of two tapas restaurants in Oslo, and I went to dine there. Delicatessen was a far cry from the best tapas-places I have visited, and is surpassed by many other similar restaurants in Oslo
  15. El Waha, Marrakech (MO): BBB+ (3,48 points) The biggest asset of El Waha is its rooftop location on Djemaa el Fna, Marrakech main square. Its second is the price of the food. 

  16. D. José, Hamburg (DE): BBB+ (3,38 points)
    D. José had a Mediterranean theme follow the interior as well as the food but neither of the interpretations were very convincing.    

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