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UPDATED: Bergen A-Z 2007-2012

View Bergen and Surrounding areas 2007-2012 in a larger map

Bergen is the only genuine medieval city in Norway. The city centre has been ravaged by flames many times, the latest being by the large fire of 1702. Over and over has the city risen from the flames, along the same old narrow medieval streets and passages. Among the most beautiful areas is Bryggen, rebuilt after the last large fire, it still reflects centuries of building tradition.

Here is a map and all stories written from Bergen on Enjoy Food & Travel from 2006-2012 in case you would need where to go, what see, and where to eat in Norway's only medieval city. I am so pleased to  go back to this beautiful ancient city in April 2012 to attend a conference.

Food stories:

Bars and restaurants
Latest travel stories on Enjoy Food & Travel 

How to get to Bergen 

- By air

On this map you will find markers that display status on different non-stop flights from Bergen Airport to destinations in Europe. A red marker means that flights is seasonal and not in operation or that an earlier non-stop flight has been canceled. A green marker shows that there is a new non-stop flight planned to this destination. A yellow marker means that there a seasonal flight still operating to this airport. An airplane button means that service is in operation all year around from one or several European destination to Bergen.

See map of direct flights from Europe to Bergen airport Flesland


- By sea

Enjoy Food & Travel proudly introduce a new service to travelers from Europe to Norway. On this special map you find ferry connection from European to Norwegian ports.

See map of ferry connections from the continent to Norwegian ports here

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