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Rooftop breakfast in Miraflores

Fresh pastry from Perlizza with mustard, butter, cheese and cold cuts heated in a toaster oven
Many of the experiences I miss from the past, and I should love to relive, are the small moments. One of these were the rooftop breakfasts I and my friend Laila experienced in Miraflores in Lima a year ago.
Calle San Fernando, outside our house
Our corner of Miraflores was Calle San Fernando, just a stone's throw away from Larcomar, a clifftop shopping mall. We stayed in my nephew's penthouse appartment overlooking the Peruvian capital, and every morning we had breakfast on the rooftop terrace. 
My vacation routine was the same every morning. It was such a relief to switch from winter clothing and slip into shorts, T-shirt and slippers. I took the lift down to the ground floor, followed the street to a little square with a small shop selling fresh pastry, cheese, butter, cold cuts, and orange juice. Perlizza Baguetteria sold the best, fresh croissants, rolls, and loaves to be enjoyed every morning. 
Cold cuts from Perlizza
I and Laila loved every minute, every second of our breakfasts. Fresh pastry, freshly brewed coffee, juice made from Peruvian oranges enjoyed in the tropical heat.

I bought sliced cheese, cold cuts, and fresh pastry to bring back home. My nephew had a little toaster oven and we made sandwiches with mustard, cheese and boiled ham and grilled them in the toaster until the cheese melted and the pastry became even crispier.

Then we walked up the stairs to sit in the sun, enjoying the view of the city waking up, watching the parrots flying by. Being in the tropics.

God I miss it, and how much I would have wished to go back and re experience one of these breakfasts.  But these small moments will be one of the sweetest memories I will bring on for the rest of my life.

Pastry, cheddar cheese and cold cuts from Perlizza
Morning view from our rooftop terrace at Calle San Fernando. Miraflores, Lima

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