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Narbonne House anno 1675

US National Partk Service has owned Narbonne house the last 50 years
For Europeans a 17th century house is a reasonably old structure. In the United States a 17th century building spans nearly the life of a whole nation. The Narbonne House in Salem, MA is such a house.

The grounds of the Narbonne House
The Narbonne House in historic Salem, is one of the few middle class homes that has survived from Americas first century. It is, as such, an unimpressive structure, lovingly restored to survive for coming generations to see. 
The oldest part of the house dates back three centuries
Its first owner was the slaughterer, Thomas Ives, and successive owners were different craftsmen and sailors. 
The house is named after the seamstress Sarah Narbonne. She was born in the house in 1794 and lived and died in the house 101 years old in 1895.  
Sarah Narbonne lived in the house until she died 101 years old
Her grandfather, Jonathan Andrews, bought the house in 1780. Her daughter Mary continued to live in the house until her death in 1905.

In 1963, the National Park Service purchased the historic building from the family of Mary Narbonne’s nephew Frank Hale. The family lived in the house for nearly 200 years.

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