Monday, March 25, 2013

EasyJet chose Bergen as its Norwegian base

I sincerely hope that these planes may soon be seen at Oslo Airport as well  as in Bergen . Photo: Arpingstone
British budget airline EasyJet has flights from most European countries, but Norway has been one of the few countries not serviced by this air carrier. This may change, as EasyJet has chosen Norway's second airport Bergen Flesland as its base.  
Bergen Flesland Airport. Photo: Arsenikk
EasyJet is the third biggest air carrier in Europe with more than 50 million passengers each year. It has 22 bases in Europe, and is one of Ryanair's fiercest competitors. 
The Bergen Airport management hopes that EasyJet flights to Bergen and the Norwegian West coast may boost the local travel industry. 
As a traveler, I would certainly welcome EasyJet to Norway, and hope the air carrier may challenge the growing dominance of Ryanair and Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Start flights Bergen - London 

EasyJet will start its first flights from Bergen May 20th. It will challenge Norwegian Air Shuttle on flights from Bergen to London Gatwick Airport and British Airways on flights to London Heathrow. .   

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