Thursday, March 21, 2013

Coming up in June 2013: Geneva, Switzerland

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Enjoy Food & Travel will once again visit Geneva, Switzerland in June 2013. Geneva is beautifully located by the banks of Lac de Geneve and enclosed by the Jura mountains and the Alps. It is a cosmopolitan city hosting the headquarters of several international organizations. 

As Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, we have earlier stayed in the community of Ferney-Voltaire just across the border, but still close to Geneva Airport. It is home to around 8000 inhabitants. 
From 1759 to 1778 Ferney was home to French writer and philosopher Voltaire. He built the local church and founded cottage industries that produced some of the finest potters and watchmakers of modern France.

After the French Revolution, the town was renamed "Ferney-Voltaire" in his honor.

This time we will stay in the small village Saint Genis Pouilly, visiting friends. So stay tuned for more stories from the Franco-Swiss border area this June

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