Sunday, February 17, 2013

Saltimbocca a la Romana

Saltimbocca a la Romana frying in the pan, sherry turning black, sweet and bitter.......
Last Sunday I made Saltimbocca a la Romana for the first time, sliced meat fillet with cured ham, and sage glazed in Marsala wine - nearly, with a few improvisations.  
Saltimbocca a la Romana is an Italian classic. I made my own interpetation last Sunday. 
I had two steaks weighing around 400 grams (0,9 lb). I divided them into two and used a mallet to make 4 one fifth of an inch slices. 
I seriously sent a few thoughts to my neighbours as I started this very loud and brutal operation. They probably thought that I had started a little DIY this sunday, but a little effort is necessary when preparing Saltimbocca, as this hammering will make the meat rolls more delicate as well as well as the steaks more tender.
Saltimbocca on the plate with green asparagus
Then I placed one large slice of cured ham (I used serranso ham, but the most authentic will be  Parma ham) and two large sage leaves. 
I rolled them into roulades and sealing them with two wooden toothpicks. I found a non-stick pan, poured in a little oil (traditionally you use butter), and started to fry the roulades. 
Then I added what was supposed to be Marsala wine to the pan, but I used Bristol cream sherry, that I found equally good as the sweet Italian wine. The wine caramellised mixed with the meat flavours and turned bitter sweet, tasting a little like dark treacle. De-lish!!
I served my easy-to-make asparagus. Take a bunch of asparagus. Break the off where the stems are woody.  Pour up water in a kettle, pour over asparagus and allow to heat for 7-10 minutes. 
Improvised Saltimbocca a la Romana was perfect served with a good bottle of red wine. 
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