Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Making calamondin liquor

My modest calamondin harvest
Last spring I bought the cutest little orange tree. To my surprise small green fruits appeared after it had produced a large numer of scenting flowers. They turned yellow during this winter, and the other day I picked my first small oranges or calamondin
Ready to to be immersed in alcohol...
The small oranges are not sweet, rather sour, reminding you of lime- As there were not fruits in abundance, I decided to start a citrus liquor. 
I had a bottle of 60 % alcohol. I divided the fruits in quarters, leaving the scale on. I even found some pips, that may produce new trees. 
I filled up a jar with 1 part water and two 60 % alcohol, added a decent amount of sugar and then added the fruits. Now they are going to immerse in the liquid for a long period. I may even add more fruits coming season in order to get even more citrus flavour.    

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