Wednesday, January 16, 2013

End of shelf life discounts

Tesco low carb British Pork. Photo: Edward
This is a great piece of advice for hard times. Look for discounts for products at the end of their shelf life. I did today and stocked up quality food for my freezer. 
Big discounts on meats and fish at the end of shelf life
Many supermarkets give big discounts for products at their end of their shelf life. The date of consumption shows you the recommended point of time by which you should prepare or use the food. 
A products shelf life is marked either as a "use by"  or best before date. The use by date shows you the last recommended point of time of use. This does not necessarily mean that the food has gone bad after this point, but I highly recommend not to eat it after the date.
The "best before" date means that the food in itself will not go bad after the date, but storing it further may affect the taste or quality of the product.
Expiration data. Photo: Edward
Many supermarkets offer big discounts on meats and fish close to the use by date. Today I found a large heap of meats for sale at my local supermarket. 
I ended up with 7 packets of fillet steak, chopped pork and beef, and sausages, as well as a packet of freshly made stuffed cannelloni at discounts up to 50 %. 
I have just returned to my appartment and placed the newly acquired delicacies in my deep freezer. This food will provide dinners for at least two weeks. 
So why not look for similar bargains the next time you are at your own supermarket and do some smart smart shopping fit for a recession. 
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