Friday, January 04, 2013

2013! What might it bring on Enjoy Food & Travel

            2012 celebrated on Times Square in NYC. Photo: Replytojain
Two days ago, the year 2012 went over in the history, leaving us with 2013. The year 2013 is the 8th year of the existence of Enjoy Food & Travel, a year that started to active, but I am sad to say that the least month or so has been very quiet from my side. 

I am, not fully aware what 2013 may bring, what and where to eat, where to travel to, and what sights to experience. It is a question of money, the number of vacation days. I do, however, have hopes for a few destinations. 
Marrakech - Majorelle Gardens. Photo: S. Koch
BOOKED: January 2013 - Berlin, Germany
I love Berlin, and the German capital is the most likely and most imminent destination I may travel to. A weekend there will be my third time in Berlin.  
I hope to book my tickets within a weeks time, and we plant to stay at the marvelous Park Inn Alexanderplatz.  
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UPDATED: Tickets were booked January 4th 2013
BOOKED: February 2012 - Marrakech, Morocco 
Marrakech is another favourite destination, a great escape from the Norwegian winter. This North African destination should be avoided during December and January, as its location in the interior of Morocco may provide very cool weather.
I have recommended the Eden Andalou Hotel and Resort, but neither the airline tickets nor hotel has been booked, so I may travel, but is by no means certain.  
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UPDATED: Tickets were booked January 7th 2013

MAYBE: March 2012 - Las Vegas, NV - USA
Las Vegas. Photo: Roif456
Traveling to the gambling capital of the world would be a dream come through. Besides being a city of dreams and illusions, Las Vegas is a place inexpensive to travel to, offering tourists cheap, high standard accommodation.

This is particularly the case for us that can afford to travel during recession. As large hotel and resorts fight for our dollars, you can get superior hotel rooms - even suites for a fraction of the price paid in other major American cities.

That is why we are tempted to book air fare to Las Vegas during Easter, i.e. late March. As Nevada is half way around the globe we will first travel to New York, stay there for a few days traveling on, and stay another couple of nights in the Big Apple on our way back to Europe.

But Las Vegas is definitely a maybe, mainly because of the time it will take. Stay tuned here on Enjoy Food & Travel in 2013 and see whether we will travel to Las Vegas Nevada. 

LIKELY: June 2013 - Benidorm and Sitges, Spain
Skyline of Benidorm, Spain. Photo: Siocaw
Last year I skipped my visit to Spain, and regretted it bitterly. This as the Norwegian summer of 2012 was rubbish, i.e. cold and humid. My previous experience makes it highly likely that I will travel to the costas in 2013.

I will try the hectic night life in Benidorm on the southern coast of Spain for a week, then have another in my favourite destination Sitges in Catalonia.

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DEFINITELY: September 2013 - Boston, MA
House of Seven Gables in Salem MA is built in 1668
My favourite area is New England, and I have traveled to the Boston area yearly since the mid 1980's.

Depending on the time that is on my disposal, I may extend my vacation and travel to my family in upper New York state or the Big Apple itself.

So a trip to the US during fall is one of the most likely in 2013. In addition to these trips, there will be mini weekend vacation to other destinations during closer to home. 

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