Friday, November 30, 2012

UPDATED: Göteborg from A-Z 2009-2012

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Here you have a map on sights, restaurants, and hotels visited during our stay in Göteborg, Sweden. Stay tuned for upcoming articles on these here on Enjoy Food & Travel.

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    Thursday, November 29, 2012

    Sweet tooth at Café Husaren - Göteborg

    Café Husaren in the hitoris Haga area in Göteborg, Sweden,  is definitely the place to those of you with a sweet tooth. Café Husaren is a wonderful old-style café with the most remarkable interior details and some very scrumptious pastries. Among which is a bun called a Haga bulle, a generous sized cinnamon bun named after the charming neighbourhood Haga. 
    When you sit down at Café Husaren, look up. If you do,  you will see the most beautiful late 19th century painted ceilings. Details like these were much more common earlier in finer shops and restaurants, but most of them have now disappeared. Restored like this they retain an old world charm, enhanced with large crystal chandeliers.
    At Café Husaren you get one of the largest bun you can wish for. The Haga bun is a giant cardamom spiced bun with sugar. 

    A sweet display at Café Husaren. Apple cake (front left),  sommarkaka (summer cake - front right) a cake topped with cinnamon. Behind the cakes you have a tray with chocolate brownies and Scandinavian-style coconut macarones.

    Drömmar (front right) are cookies made with Hjortetakksalt or hornsalt, i.e. a rising agent extracted from venisons horn, hence the name. To the right you got a stack of traditional chocolate chip cookies, one of my definite favourites.

    Syrup and cinnamon cakes (front middle) and havreflarn (front right), cakes or cookies with a sense of Christmas to them, but still delicious in August. Behind them you have stacks of oat cookies with chocolate and raisins.