Friday, November 09, 2012

Marcolinis mouthwatering macarones

Who can resist French macarones? I cannot. So I and my friend and Enjoy Food & Travel were trapped in sweet heaven in front of Pierre Marcolinis shop in downtown Paris, France. 
Pierre Marcolini is a Belgian manufacturer of fine chocolates and macarones. You will find Pierre Marcolini shops in Belgium as well as in France, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Taiwan and Japan. For many of us, there is a long way to his shops, but if tempted, you can buy their products in on internet.  
We were mesmerised by the beautiful display of small cakes and gift boxes in many different colours at the Pierre Marcolini shop in 89 Rue de Seine. For those of you that do not know, macarones are cakes made from egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar and almonds, and filled with butter cream. Macarones are often coloured with different food dyes.

I really regret that I did not buy anything, when I visited Pierre Marcolini. But the truth is, that I doubt if these fragile cakes would have survived my trip home. 
A lovely display of multi coloured macarones for sale at Pierre Marcolini
Bold coloured gift boxes filled with assorted chocolates is also available at the Pierre Marcolini shops. 

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Thursday, November 08, 2012


I loved the decor at Hotel Marlowe, traditional - warm and matching colour pallet in ochre, deep reds and dark blue with dark wood furniture, and exclusive soft textures.
Browsing through hotels offered on, I was determined to treat myself to an ultimate hotel experience while staying in Boston. I am pleased to say that choosing to stay at Kimpton Hotel Marlowe provided me and my nephew with a treat. Enjoy Food & Travel award Hotel Marlowe our special recommendation joining a few other hotels I have stayed - and loved earlier.
Hotel Marlowe - main entrance
Rating Hotel Marlowe: BBBB (4,15 points)
  • Location: BBBB
  • Service: BBBBB
  • Room: BBBBB
  • Breakfast: N/A (Not included)
  • Facilities: BBBB+
  • Price: BB
Hotel Marlowe  is located at Lechmere, the end point of the Bostons green line in Cambridge MA. 
At Lechmere you are just a short walk away from the Science Museum and by the banks of the Charles River. 
For the shopping mad I can reveal that Hotel Marlowe is connected to the neighbouring Cambridgeside Galleria, a large shopping mall. 
Nearby you can admire this Charles River view
If you are not in the mood for shopping a good alternative is a a morning walk along the river and admire the Boston skyline.
Boston city centre is just a 10 minute ride away taking the Green line to Government Centre or Park Street and on to the busy Back Bay area.
Attention to details
I have to commend the Hotel Marlowe reception personnel for their kindness and exceptionelly good service. In fact, I do not remember last time I was met by such hospitality. They all gave us extraordinarily good service and the front desk even managed to secure a peak hour Saturday reservation for four at Legal Seafood by the Aquarium, a very popular place to dine.
Tripadvisor had ranked Hotel Marlowe as the third best in Cambridge MA, and this combined with the presentation on the hotel website created high expectations. Our room met all our expectations. Hotel Marlowe provides EXCELLENT accommodation and EXCELLENT value for the money. 
Even with rwo large double beds, our room felt spacious
The reception offered to upgrade us to a suite, but it had a double as well as a sofa bed. A great offer, but I really wanted two double beds for my nephew and myself, for maximum comfort. We were, after all, to return to Europe the next day so we both needed a good nights sleep. 
I enjoyed a free wi-fi offered at Hotel Marlowe
So I chose an ordinary double room.  I do not know whether that was a good choice, but we were not disappointed by the ordinary double room.
When I say ordinary, it is important to say that our room at Hotel Marlow was extraordinary. Room  and bathroom was 31 square meters or 333 square feet.  
The room was large enough for both of us with two large double beds, desk, and minibar and still the room felt spacious. 
The bathroom was relatively small but very well organized. I love to have a bath tub, as well as a shower and enough space for the stuff of two. 
Mini-bar and flat screen TV
I loved the decor at Hotel Marlowe, traditional - warm and matching colour pallet in ochre, deep reds and dark blue with dark wood furniture, and exclusive soft textures.
It all seemed brand new, or extremely well maintained at Hotel Marlowe. Negligable wear and tear, cracks, and room was extremely well cleaned, with hardly no dust in spite of the carpet. 
Breakfast was, as in most Americal hotels, not included in our price. 
Hotel Marlowe offers facilities comparable to most first class hotels. You will have access to a fitness room, and you can book a range of spa services in the comfort of your guestroom. 
Bathroom offered enough space for two
If you want to relax without leaving the hotel, you can visit the inhouse bar and restaurant. 
The Hotel Marlowe even offers free wine or beer served every evening from 5 to 6 p.m in the lobby.  We enjoyed a fresh bottle of beer before leaving for the airport to go back to Europe. 
You will also enjoy good free wi-fi throughout the hotel. The only you to do is top enroll in the Kimpton Hotel loyalty program. 
The reception, and rest area as well as rest of the rest of the Hotel Marlowe was extraordinarily tasteful, nay delicious in any way I know. 
Hotel Marlowe - view from our room
I paid $330 for our room (NOK 1894 / € 258), including taxes. This is usually much more than I would pay for accommodation. It is however, in my experience,  reasonable for a hotel room in a major American city as Boston and Hotel Marlowe is definitely worth the price.  
Special Recommendation for Hotel Marlowe
Enjoy Food & Travel award Hotel Marlowe our  special recommendation, and join a few other hotels I have stayed - and loved earlier.

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