Monday, October 22, 2012

History and traditions of New England

One reason for me coming back to New England over and over again is the regions history and traditions. In one of the churches at Harvard University I found this stone commemorating the man that the university was named after, John Harvard.   
Southwark Cathedral, London. Photo GeeJo
John Harvard was baptised in Southwark Cathedral in London November 6th 1607. The present church dates back to around 1200.

John Harvards father was Robert Harvard (1562–1625), a butcher and tavern owner, and his wife Katherine Rogers (1584–1635), was a native of Stratford-upon-Avon whose father Thomas Rogers (1540–1611) may have been an associate of Shakespeare's father.

He traveled to America in 1637, where he died in 1638 only 31 years old. John Harvard left a considerable amount of money towards establishing a school in New Towne, and this school developed into the prestigious university.  

Harvard freshmen of 2012 in front of the Harry Elkins Widener Library

Sunday, October 21, 2012

An American tapas meal

SCITUATE MA, 7.18 AM: I am looking back. Yesterday we had cold tapas for lunch, and a cup of Legal Seafood lobsta' bisque.
Our generous tapas tray
I love tapas, and the good thing with family is that they know what I like to eat. 
So the was no coincidenbce that my cousin in Scituate MA ended up with a gigantic tray of delicious tapas that she served for lunch. 
Many of these combination packets are very generous in size and inexpensive here, and much of the $ 15,99 packet is still in the refrigerator downstairs. In Norway I would have ended up with a fraction of the food at the same price. 
The Castella Mediterranean Tapas Platter consisted of from upper left corner: Stuffed olives, brown olives with stones, marinated feta cheese, tapenade, hot red peppers with cream cheese, marinated artichokes and mushrooms. 
One of my tapas servings - yum!!
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