Friday, October 05, 2012

Norwegian: More flights to Andenes in 2013

Andenes Harbour (Photo Jorunn/Torvol)
Norwegian Air Shuttle extends the period for non-stop flights from Oslo to Andenes in 2013, as well as offering more flights. 
Seasonal non-stop flights from Oslo to Andenes was a success for Norwegian Air Shuttle this season. So much so, in fact that the air carrier extends the period for flights next year and will offer more flights as well. There will be flights from May 2nd to September 26th. Flight plan will vary during the season. 
Flight Schedules from 2013

May 2nd - June 20th 2013: 
  • Departures every Thursday leaving Oslo 10.25 AM, with return flights from Andenes 12.00 PM. 
May 5th - June 16th 2013:
  • Departures every Sunday leaving Oslo 3.00 PM, with return flights from Andenes 5.20 PM. 
June 23rd - August 15th 2013:
  • Departures every Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays leaving Oslo 3.00 PM, with return flights from Andenes 5.20 PM
August 15th to September 26th 2013:
  • Departures every Thursday leaving Oslo 10.25 AM, with return flights from Andenes 12.00 PM. 

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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Norwegian Air Shuttle licensed to fly to the US

Norwegian Air Shuttle has now been licensed by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly to American Airports.  All necessary documents were signed at JFK International Airport September 26th 2012.  
Application papers were sent to the Department of Transportation on May 11th 2012. Federal Aviation Administration were satisfied with the airline's operative and technical standard, ending with the signing of the Operation Specifications last week. 
The Norwegian Air carrier has revealed plans to fly to destinations in Asia and United States with new  Boeing 787 Dreamliners. 
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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Yikes - a giant moose burger coming!

This is the helluva moose burger - exterior
There is nothing like a good burger. The day before leaving for the United States, I made one helluva burger for my two visiting nephews, and I used ground moose meat. Yikes! That was one of my best burgers ever.

Moose are roaming the vast Norwegian forests, and when hunting season starts you can get moose meat. It is a lean meat that may remain fresh in the freezer for years. The ground moose was a gift from a friend, that had too much. I decided to mix it with bacon, to provide taste as well as juiciness. Moose meat in its purest form tend to get very dry, if not prepared carefully.
I had around 1 kilo (2,1 lb's) moose, and mixed in around 400 grams of bacon. I minced bacon and onion in my food processor adding salt (carefully as you have to bear in mind that the bacon is salt), and my spices from Marrakech (ground ginger and harissa). I then added an egg, 1-2 tbsp potato starch and the moose, processing it all into one smooth dough. I actually had to do this in two operations as I had so much meat.

I divided it all into four equally sized burgers, huge burgers. I fried them in a hot butter. The I wanted them to be slightly red in the middle, in order to stay moist.

I assembled it all on large hamburger buns. I toasted the buns, spreading a thin layer of Dijon mustard, placing one thick slice of blue cheese and the giant burger on top, followed by thin adding raw onions, sliced tomatoes and pickled cucumbers, placing the other part of the bun as a hat on top. Salad, dressing and rösti potatoes were served on side.

When cutting through, I am delighted to say that they were all perfect. Slightly red and deliciously moist and tender, perfectly seasoned with a hint of the Marrakechi souq. My nephew described them as "the best burger ever". Flatter, flatter, or the truth? I do not care. Moose burgers were a great success. 
The burgers were perfectly cooked, moist and well seasoned

jW's - Scituate MA

I may be picked up at Greenbush station in Scituate MA in a few weeks time. If I (very hypothetically) should have to wait, I would be very tempted to walk to the small jW's burger bar to enjoy one of their burgers.  
This hamburger joint was featured in a film clip on YouTube, and the images was enough to make my mouth water. When you make your hamburgers using your own freshly ground beef, this American staple food is a delicacy. Most hamburgers I am served here in Europe cannot measure up to the best America can offer.

The proprietor made a point of how good blue cheese match beef, and I do agree. My perfect beef and blue cheese meal was a large, ridiculously tender slab of Argentinian beef topped with Gorgonzola cheese served at a Beef House in Brussels, Belgium, but watching the indecent closeups of succulent burgers on this film clip make me believe that the blue cheese burger served here would be another prime beef'n blue cheese experience.

They have a Buffalo spiced burger as well.......

Cannot wait to get past the herring pond.       

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OPENED AND CLOSED: Kate O'Shea's, Seabrook NH

Kate O'Shea's opened and closed within a year, sadly, as I would have loved another meal here at Merrilee's
If you look for Kate O'Shea's you will have to look again. It was there in 2010, but closed within a year due to structural problems with the building that housed the pub and restaurant. Sad really as I would loved another helping of the food. 
Kate O'Shea's Restaurant & Pub was run by my friend Merrilee Eastman the proprietor of the Tuna Striker Pub and restaurant (Eastman's Docks)  at Seabrook Beach.

My cousin Anne and I went up to visit Merrilee to see how she was doing at the newly opened restaurant. She had done a great job with stylish furniture and decor and the food she offered was great as always. 
I was treated, and I chose real pub grub -  a large plate of Buffalo scallops and a large pint of beer. I you probably have guessed I love everything with Buffalo seasoning, this irresistible salt, sweet, sour and sizzling spicy seasoning. My cousin was served a big plate of something they called Irish enchiladas, or was it something else. 
Sadly Merrilee had to close the Kate O'Shea's down within the same year, as she experienced great problems with the building, so much of her effort was wasted (sadly) as Kate O'Shea's Restaurant & Pub was a great place I would have loved to revisit.  I will be excited to see what she is up to now, as I arrive in New England in a few weeks.Maybe I find the place resurrected?  I will keep you posted.....

Kate O'Shea's Buffalo scallops - delish
Spain meeting Ireland, enchilada Irish style

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