Saturday, July 14, 2012

WizzAir with 7 non-stop destination from Torp Airport winter 2012

- Hungarian air carrier may have more flights than Ryanair winter 2012
Next destination from Torp Airport, Norway, is rumored to be the Serbian capital - Belgrade. Photo: Mihajlo94bg
Torp Airport has been the main base for Ryanair, but gradually the Irish budget air carrier has left the airport. Hungarian WizzAir has taken over, and will fly to seven destinations from Torp the 2012 winter season. Other may follow, next is rumored to Belgrade in Serbia. 
Photo: Arpingstone
WizzAir is currently flying from Torp to the following destinations
  • Gdansk (PL)
  • Katowice (PL)
  • Poznan (PL)
  • Riga (LV) 
  • Vilnius (LT)
  • Warszawa (PL)
  • Wroclaw (PL)
Coming destinations:
  • Belgrade (SE) 
  • Lublin (PL) - Spring 2013

Friday, July 13, 2012

UPDATED JULY 2012: Istanbul, Turkey

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Istanbul is one of the world's mega cities. It is the biggest city in Europe, and ranking among the largest in the world. It has a long and turbulent history spanning two millennia. Enjoy Food & Travel visited Istanbul Christmas 2009. Here are stories on food, hotels, restaurants, shopping, sights and travel that will come from Istanbul on this site.

Bars and Restaurants

Food stories:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tomb of Suleyman the Great, Istanbul

Inside the tomb of Suleyman the Magnificent 
Suleyman I (Ottoman Turkish: سليمان Sulaymān, Turkish: Süleyman) died on September 6th 1566) after 46 years on the throne. He was known in the West as "the Magnificent" but is most often referred to as "the Lawgiver." His wonderful mausoleum is found by the Mosque bearing his name in Istanbul. It is a wonderful sight, and I do recommend a visit here.  
Interior - detail 
Suleyman was one of the most powerful monarchs of 16th century Europe, holding the Ottoman Empire's military, political and economic power. Suleyman personally led Ottoman armies to conquer the Christian strongholds of Belgrade, Rhodes, and most of Hungary before his conquests were stopped at the Siege of Vienna in 1529. He conquered most of the Middle East in his conflict with the Persians and large parts of North Africa as far west as Algeria. Under his rule, the Ottoman fleet dominated the seas from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, 
Suleyman was also a distinguished poet and goldsmith in his own right. He became a great patron of culture, overseeing the golden age of the Ottoman Empire's artistic, literary and architectural development Suleyman broke Ottoman tradition marrying Roxelana,  a harem girl from Rohatyń, 68 km southeast of Lviv,  who became Hurrem Sultan, whose intrigues in the court and power over the Sultan have become as famous as Suleyman himself. Their son, Selim II, succeeded Suleyman but reigned only for 8 years.
Suleyman the Magnificent is buried in a magnificent mausoleum with Hurrem Sultan, his wife, and his daughter Mihrimah Sultan.

The Tomb of Suleyman the Magnificent  is located in the grounds of the Suleyman Mosque, the largest in Istanbul. The building, even though modest from the outside, has the most exquisite interior, covered with intricate tiles. In the room you find a number of coffins, among which holds the remains of the sultans family.

The Tomb of Suleyman the Magnificent is a must for those of you interested in history and architecture.

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Buried at the Tomb of Suleyman the Magnificent
Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent (1494-1566). Oil on canvas from around 1530  by Titian 
Alexandra Lisowska aka Roxelana and Hurrem Sultan (1510-1588). Oil on canvas 16th century 
Mihrima Sultan (1522-1578). Oil on canvas from around 1555  by Titian  
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Have a wonderful summer

Revesand, Tromøy - Norway 
Enjoy Food & Travel will take a (in my opinion) well deserved summer break in July 2012. During this period  I will publish some new stories and re-publish maps, index pages and earlier stories. 
I will spend my vacation in Paris and in our summer house at the South Eastern part of Norway. I will bring my PC and may publish a few stories during my vacation, but I will not promise anything. It is vacation, after all....
I would like to wish all readers a  wonderful summer where ever you may be, and will wish you back to more new and intriguing stories from August 2012. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

UPDATED JULY 2012: Non-stop flights from Stavanger Sola Airport

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On this map you find domestic and international direct flights operated by all airlines from Sola Airport, Stavanger, Norway.
This map is based on information from the Airport official website. Errors may occur. Do consult airport website or airline for updated information.

Red marker means that flights has been cancelled or seasonal and not in operation. Green marker for planned services. Yellow marker means that flights are seasonal and in operation. Airplane marker means that service is in operation all year around.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Is this the next destination for transatlantic flights from Norway

- Scandinavian Airlines may launch direct flights from Norway to Houston Texas

Houston skyline by evening: Photo: Hequals2henry
Scandinavian Airlines may launch non-stop flights from one oil capital to another. According to Norway's main newspaper,  Aftenposten, there may soon be non-stop flights from the centre of Norways's oil industry,  Stavanger to its American counterpart, Houston in Texas
Translatlantic flights from Norway have been a success for air carriers Scandinavian Airlines and Continental, that fly daily between Oslo Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport. Both companies leave daily with fully booked planes. The other main carrier in the market, Norwegian Air Shuttle will also launch non-stop flights with their brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliners between Oslo and New York City in 2013, promising lower ticket prices to passengers. 
Stavanger Cathedral (1100 AD) by aqwis
Scandinavian Airlines is no planning direct flights to Houston Texas, hoping to attract business travelers especially from the prosperous Norwegian oil industry. Usually transcontinental non-stop flights have been set up from Oslo Airport, but there are rumors that the coming service will leave from Stavanger Airport, connecting two main centres of oil industry. 
These are only rumors, and we will see whether there will be enough interest in the market for flights to Houston, a destination that may be off the beaten track for Norwegian travelers, compared to other American cities. Another interesting question is whether the interest from the oil industry is high enough to sustain direct flights between the two cities.    

More on transatlantic flights from Norway

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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Looking for your nearest free wi-fi area in Oslo?

In that case you have come to the right site. On Enjoy Food & Travel you find an updated map of restaurants and bars where you can access a free network to keep in touch with your family and friends during your journey.  

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On this map you will find locations of all free wi-fi areas in bars, cafes and restaurants in downtown Oslo. You will most certainly find a place to browse the net close to where you stay in the Norwegian capital