Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lobster bisque from Royal Greenland

We recommend Royal Geeenland lobster bisque as a decent alternative to home made soup, but it can never, ever replace it.....          
For those of you that want a good lobster bisque, you are recommended to prepare it from scratch. As an exception you can find good, ready made alternatives. The Lobster bisque from Royal Greenland was such an exception to the rule. 
Most often there is no alternative to the hard way if you want to serve good seafood as starters or main meals. The products founds in freezers or refrigerators in supermarkets are often low quality products with too little taste and too much salt.

Lobster bisque with marinated tiger prawns
This was not the case with the frozen lobster bisque from Royal Greenland. It was expensive (EUR 6,50) for two portions, but it had that good, creamy consistency. It had a lovely saffron colour, and had retained the aromas of the sea, without being to salty, rather providing that sweetness you often get from fresh lobster.

Another nice thing was that the package of Royal Greenland lobster bisque contained two separate portions, enough for a nice shot of soup for two. I added a little condensed milk for extra creaminess and taste, and garnished the soup with cooked tiger prawns marinated in garlic.

If you find the Royal Greenland lobster bisque (and likes this dish), we recommend this as a decent option to home made soup, but it can never, ever replace it.....        
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Friday, June 29, 2012

COMING: Pratic Hotel, Paris

I booked my accommodation at Pratic Hotel in Paris to be close to friends, not by extensive research. This might prove to be a mistake, at least according to those leaving their rating of Pratic Hotel at 161 guests has ranked this hotel as number 1163 of a total of 1839 hotels in the French capital. Let us hope I am among the 12% that find this hotel excellent.

Hotel Pratic is located in 9 rue d'Ormesson by Marché Sainte Catherine in the historic Le Marais area of Paris, holding treasures as Place des Vosges, the Bastille opera and the Nicolas Flamel House. Le Marais is the home of a mix of Jews (found in Rue des Rosiers), North Africans,  artists and a large gay community.

The hotel states that all rooms have been recently renovated and redecorated according to the Vieux Paris Art style. They are all equipped with television, telephones, modem plugs, hairdryer, safety deposit-box and are completely sound proof. The latter is important as several of the reviewers at tripadvisor stated that the night life around the Marché Sainte Catherine is quite hectic.

I found a vacant single room at Pratic hotel at average price of 77 EUR per nigt (I am staying four), a nice price  Other facilities is that breakfast is included, wireless internet access, safety deposit box on all rooms, ironing board, and flat screen TV.

I look forward to my stay in Paris, but I wonder whether I have made the right choice. My friends have stayed there recently and been happy, but I will give my opinion in my review of the hotel here on Enjoy Food & Travel. 

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nifty small bowls and cups for small servings

Tapas bowl from Søstrene Grene
The endless effort to impress friends and family, leads to an equally endless quest for new ideas. This does not only include new ingredients or ways to prepare food. It also includes way to serve food. My newest fad is to have small servings of food in neat pieces of stoneware or china.
Coffee cup / soup bowl from Galligani
I bought handy pieces of china for a small servings at Søstrene Grene, once only found in Copenhagen, but now even with a shop in downtown Oslo. 90% of the things offered at Søstrene Grene is just junk, but the remaining 10% are partly decorative, partly handy items. 
These blue small and deep bowls were classed as tapas bowls at Søstrene Grene, but I use them for small servings of soup or portions of chocolate mousse.
Another smart investment made at Søstrene Grene is small  smart oven proof stoneware dishes with lid, perfect for side dishes to a main meal. I use them to warm spinach in the oven but they are perfect for portions dauphinoise potatoes direct from the oven.
These designer cups bought at Galligani are marketed as coffee cups, and they are perfect in size for a lungo coffee. They even come with a small teaspoon that rests in the specially designed handle. They are, however, perfect for soups, as the handle may be used as a small beak to drink from, if you do not want to use the spoon, that is.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer 2012: Train traffic in Oslo severely disrupted by maintenance work

Photo: MX3000 train used on subway in Oslo, Norway by Kjetil Ree
Those of you visiting the Norwegian capital, will experience severe disruptions in train and subway services in June 24t to August 6th. This due to maintenance work on the infrastructure on rails and in the tunnels under the city.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE to tourists visiting the Norwegian capital this summer.

Be aware that bus will replace airport express trains for travelers from stations between Drammen and Oslo Central Station from June 24th to August 6th 2012. The bus service will bring you to Lillestrøm outside Oslo, from where you will change to the airport express train. This will result in severe delays, and do consult your hotel on how much extra time you will need in order to catch your train.

This maintenance work will affect all suburban, regional, and intercity services in the Oslo area as well.

Parts of railway network of Oslo. Red indicates stretch under removation. Blue lines indicates stretches operated by bus. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Open sandwiches at Restaurant Sankt Annæ - Copenhagen, Denmark

We are in for a "lille en" or a shot of aquavit
When being in Copenhagen, we decided to have at least one serving of open sandwiches (there were to be more). First sandwich stop was Restaurant Sankt Annæ at Skt Annæs Plads, located in a beautiful historic Nyhavn area at Copenhagen harbour. It was a claustrophobic experience in a classic interior, but the food was great!!

Rating Restaurant Sankt Annæ: BBBB+ (4,50 points)
  • Location: BBBBB
  • Service: BBBBB
  • Interior & atmosphere: BBB
  • Food: BBBB+
  • Beverage: BBBB+
Skt Annæ Plads, Copenhagen. Photo by Ankara
Restaurant Sankt Annæ is located at, and named after Skt Annæ Plads - a beautiful oval square by the historic Nyhavn area. and very close to our hotel - the Hotel Admiral.

Restaurant Sankt Annæ dates back to 1894 and is located in a house built in 1837, that was run as a hote until the 1960's. Restaurant Sankt Annæ spesialize in Danish classic cuisine.

This is not my first visit at  Restaurant Sankt Annæ, as I enjoyed a classic Danish "frokost" (lunch) around 10 years ago and loved it.

You enter through the main door, into a low ground floor. Restaurant Sankt Annæ has a classic interior with pale green walls, and period decorative items and images on the walls. 

Classic interior at Restaurant Sankt Annæ
Restaurant Sankt Annæ is a formal eatery with white table cloth and matching napkins, cutlery and the classic aquavit glass stacked in classic stands on the table.

Be warned - you are uncomfortably seated packed like the classic herring in a barrel in the small rooms. In addition to the uncomfortable closeness to our neighbours we were seated by the door feeling the draft from the freezing cold wind from the Copenhagen winter outside every time somebody opened up the door and entered the restaurant.

Smoked salmon from Bornholm
We decided to choose food from the a la carte menu, and I was determined to enjoy "et par stykker smørrebrød" - a couple of classic Danish open sandwiches. They were offered in two varieties, cold and "lune", i.e. slightly warm.

Delicious cream stewed spinach as side dish

I chose one cold variety, smoked salmon from Bornholm with cream stewed spinach (DKK 145 / € 19,50 / $24,78) , and a warm, i.e. pork rib with pickled red cabbage and "surt" (sour) (DKK 82 / € 11,03 / $ 14,01).

Two delicious slices of pork roast

DKK 145 for the salmon seemed to be a steep price, but when served,  we found that could have been satisfied with just one serving, read; this one. Shining, smooth, soft, tender, corral coloured sliced salmon covering a whole plate of Royal Copenhagen, and not too salt and not as fat as opposed to the farmed one you're so often served.

And as side dish was served a ramekin with wilted spinach stewed in broth and double cream - real comfort food and perfect for the salmon. The combination surprised me, as

And we had ordered two sandwiches, no fear that we would leave hungry (we were in fact not hungry that evening!)

Ribbensteg and flæskesteg are roasts made from pork with crispy crackling. For Norwegians these dishes are reserved for winter and especially Christmas, for Danes pork roast is served on open sandwiches all year.

Surt og sødt - sweet 'n sour
Our serving of ribbensteg at Restaurant Sankt Annæ was generous in size. Two thick slices of succulent pork with crispy crackling made our mouth waters, even though we had eaten up the salmon earlier.

The ribbensteg was served with side dishes - pickled cucumber and traditional sweet red cabbage. The meat  was well seasoned, tender, succulent - in short the ribbensteg served at Restaurant Sankt Annæ was delicious. 

We enjoyed the customary beer and shots of Aalborg aquavit to the open sandwiches. We rounded the meal off with coffee and petit-fours. That proved really to be too much at the end of a rich meal. This was lunch, and we were not hungry and ended up with a salad at Café Europa for dinner - but that is another story. 

Restaurant Sct. Annæ ApS
Sankt Annæ Plads 12
DK-1250 København K, Denmark
Phone: 33 12 54 97

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Monday, June 25, 2012

St. Pers Church Ruin - Sigtuna, Sweden

Sankt Pers Church - main tower
The town of Sigtuna is the smallest in Sweden. In spite of this it has 4 church or church ruins. The reason is that it is the oldest settlement in Sweden, and the cradle of the Swedish state. Church of Sankt Per’s (or St. Peter’s) used to be the main church of the Archdiocese before it was moved to the city of Uppsala
The church is dedicated to the Apostle Peter and was ravaged by fire in the 17th century and was left as a ruin back then. By tradition the church served as the main church of the archdiocese until 1130. Another tradition place the church as connected to a royal residence.
Today the mighty tower rise above the gables of the old city. Eastern part of the building with choir, central tower and middle nave built in the early 11th century, while main nave and west tower were built later.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

COMING: Scandinavian Airlines starts direct flights Oslo-Billund September 2012

Billund Lufthavn, Jutland, Denmark Cimber Air Maersk by: Nico-dk
Scandinavian Airlines will start daily non-stop flights with Boeing 737 aircrafts from Oslo to Billund Airport, Jutland - Denmark from September 3rd 2012.
Billund airport is located close to LEGOLAND theme park and serves as main airport for the majority of the passengers live in western Denmark. Scandinavian Airlines is the third airline operating on flights Oslo-Billund following British Airways (operated by Sun-Air Scandinavia) and Norwegian Air Shuttle. 
There are also non-stop flights Billund-Stavanger and Billund-Bergen operated by Danish Air Travel (DAT).
Date of first flight will be September 3rd 2012.

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