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UPDATED: Heidelberg A-Z 2012

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In June I leave for Heidelberg, Germany.  Here stories to come at Enjoy Food & Travel.

Heidelberg - live blogging
Bars and restaurants:  
  • Café Rossi, Heidelberg
  • Da Vinci, Heidelberg
  • Hemingways, Heidelberg 
  • Hotell Goldener Falke, Heidelberg
  • Jabers Garten, Neckarsteinach
  • Kulturbräuerei Heidelberg, Heidelberg
  • Max Bar, Heidelberg
  • Perkeo Restaurant & Kafeehaus, Heidelberg
  • Restaurant Hackteufel, Heidelberg
  • Schiller Cafe & Vinothek, Heidelberg
  • Schwartzer Peter, Heidelberg
  • Zum Roten Ochsen, Heidelberg
  • Boarding House, Heidelberg
  • Hotel Bayrischer Hof, Heidelberg
  • Alte Brucke, Heidelberg
  • Hinterburg, Neckarsteinach 
  • Königstuhl, Heidelberg
  • Marstall, Heidelberg
  • Mittelburg, Neckarsteinach
  • Neckargmünd
  • Neckarsteinach
  • Philosophers Walk, Heidelberg
  • Schloss, Heidelberg
  • Schwalbennest, Neckarsteinach
  • Vorderburg, Neckarsteinach 

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Friday in Rheinland-Pfalz

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Friday June 8th: Today we plan to take a boat up the Neckar River, grabbing a snack on board as we admire the scenery along the river up to Neckarsteinach. The boat will leave at 11 AM. 
Asparagus - illustration from 1856
8.30 AM: Yesterday evening we went to Schwartzer Peter - the neighbourhood restaurant of my nephew.

Schwartzer Peter was a popular restaurant, as it was filled to capacity when we arrived, but the staff managed to move a couple over to another table making place for the four of us. 
The menu at Scwartzer Peter held good German comfort food. We chose a few pints of refreshng Distelhäuser Premium Pilsner as we looked through the menu
Town of Neckarsteinach 1896

It is asparagus season here at the moment, and I and my nephew Knut chose asparagus saltimbocca,  and it was delicious. Huge, white asparagus wrapped in fried ham and sage, baked in the oven and served with a large salad.

Today we (I and my nephew Nils) will take a river boat up the Neckar river that flows through the city of Heidelberg. It leaves by the old Medieval cantine of the University and drives up the river to the town of Neckarsteinach. On board you can buy things to eat and drink while admiring the wooded hills and medieval castles along our route.

It all depends on the weather. Yesterday it was a terrible storm here with plenty of rain. Today it is partly cloudy, and god weather is a necessity, as we would love to sit outside while cruising up the river.

I will keep you posted on how the day progress, so stay tuned for an updated story here on Enjoy Food & Travel.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

UPDATED: Heidelberg day 1

Perkeo Restaurant & Kaffeehaus. exterior. Photo: Website
Traveling in Germany is a bliss, as trains come and leave on time and logistics work in our favour as well. Left the pier at Frankfurt Airport, followed the instructions at my ticket, i.e. took train to Heidelberg, and here I am at Hotel Bayrischer Hof in the morning.

8.30 AM: I am impressed how well Germany works. As I just had carry-on luggage, I followed signs to the Fernbahnhof at the airport, purchased a one-way ticket to Heidelberg for € 25 (quite expensive if you ask me), changed for the S3 bound for Karlsruhe and left at Heidelberg. It took me around 50 minutes. 
Perkeo Restaurant & Kaffeehaus - interior. Photo: Website
The Hotel Bayrischer Hof is very well run. I stay at room 405, at the upper floor. Spacious and well maintained - the bed was a little hard, but I slept like a log, considering yesterdays dinner.

Last evening we walked down Hauptstrasse and sat down outside at Perkeo Restaurant & Kaffeehaus. We had a few pints of Heidelberger Hefeweizen, very refreshing in the mild evening.

Germany is sausage heaven , so what else to choose than bratwurst, sauerkraut, potato mash, and gravy. If that wont get you going, nothing will. Delicious.

So what will the day bring? Time will show. First breakfast. I will keep you posted, if I am left any time to blog......

Alte Brucke and gate to Altstadt. Photo: NEUROtiker
5.55 PM: What a day. I left the hotel around 10, heading for my nephews appartment in Römerstrasse in Weststadt.

After a second breakfast(!) we left for a stroll along Philosophenweg along the north bank of the river Neckar overlooking the Altstadt. We admired a few very impressive houses, as well as an impressive view over Heidelberg.

The we passed over the Alte Brucke into Altstadt. We stopped at the Restaurant Hackteufel and ordered a pint of Köstriker Schwartzbier watching people walking by.  Then we walked through the Altstad. We enjoyed Weisswurst and mustard as a light lunch at Kulturbräuerei Hedelberg.

Now I am back in my hotel for a one hour rest before going back to Römerstrasse. Tonight we will have agood meal at the neighbourhood kneipe.

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Cafeladeria 4D, Miraflores - Lima

What looks like chocolate gateau and "Pie de Limon" - lemon tarte at Cafeladeria 4D
After our visit to Huaca Pucllana, we had to seek refuge from the excruciating heat in a café nearby, the Cafeladeria 4D. We resisted sweet temptations on display but ended up with one Inca cola and one Cusquena beer. 
Tres leche cake on display at Cafeladeria 4D
The Cafeladeria 4D is a chain of cafés in Lima and one was located a few blocks away from Huaca Pucllana.

On display at Cafeladeria 4D were pie de limon - similar to a lemon meringue pie, something looking like a chocolate gateau. On the shelf below there were servings of tres leches, a sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk.
Cafeladeria 4D - interior 
We were tempted, but resisted due to two reasons. The first was the fact that it was hot, and a beer or cold soft drink felt more appropriate.
Secondly, cream cakes may easily contain bacteria or virus that may effect those not accustomed to the local bacterial flora.

So we sat down and relaxed in the shade and enjoyed the air conditioning and observing  local life. One old-fashioned dressed man was  reading a paper, an elderly woman entered the Cafeladeria 4D accompanied by an aide on a small trip out of her appartment. A fascinating glimpse into ordinary life in the Peruvian capital.

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Fenaknoken, Oslo - presentation

I spent a few hours tasting Norwegian specialties at Fenaknoken a a few weeks ago. For those of you looking for high quality food products to bring home, Fenaknoken is one out several specialty shops in Oslo. 

Fenaknoken is located by Oslo City Hall. The cook Eirik Bræk, his father Oddmund and uncle Gudbrand has established maybe the shop to explore Norwegian food culture. At Fenaknoken you can get the famous fenalår, salted and cured leg of lamb as well as other more exotic products. 
Fenaknoken offers a wide variety of products as locally produced cheese, home made jams (try their rowan berry jelly - yum!), flat bread, dried fruits. If you are brave, you can buy the infamous smalahove (cured and salted sheepshead), as well as dried meat from wild sheep.
Fenaknoken is a must for the culinary tourist, and even the French paper Le Monde is said to have had a very favourable review of the shop, calling it one of the best sights of Oslo. I have, however not been able to find the article on the net.


Address: Tordenskiolds g 7
Phone: + 47 22 42 34 57
Fax: + 47 22 42 34 78
Website: (Norwegian only)

We declare: Enjoy Food & Travel has no commercial interests in retailers

This blog post contains information on products and retailers. Our staff will ensure our readers that we have no commercial interests in, or are paid to promote these or other products, brands, or retailers.

UPDATED: Hotel Bayrischer Hof, Heidelberg - Germany


First I booked this hotel through As there is considerably uncertainty whether I will be able to travel this coming Thursday, I did, regrettably, decided to cancel my booking. This to avoid paying for three nights if I am not able to travel. I re-booked the hotel when I passed through the security at Oslo Airport, defying the strikers.....

In a weeks time I will travel to Heidelbeg, Germany. For four days, my home there will be Hotel Bayrischer Hof. 
Hotel Bayrischer Hof is located in the centre of Heidelberg, on Bismarckplatz. This 1.6 kilometre-long pedestrian zone leads you through Altstadt -  the Old Town.

Hotel Bayrischer Hof is just one kilometre from Heidelberg’s main railway station, the hotel is always easily and quickly accessible.
The Hotel Bayrischer Hof was founded as far back as 1856 and was completely rebuilt and renovated in 2007/2008. The new contemporary rooms are available in a range of sizes and with a variety of facilities.
I booked a superior single room at for 3 nights for € 229,97 (1750,38 NOK / $ 285,86), including breakfast - a great price. The superior single rooms are:
  • 10-15 m² in size
  • Coffee and tea-making facilities 
  • Shower/WC with mirror, hairdryer 
  • Telephone
  • Cable TV
  • Free W-LAN/LAN Internet connection 
  • Mini bar 
  • Anti-allergy bed linen 
I am looking forward to my days in Heidelberg, and my stay at Hotel Bayrischer Hof. Stay tuned from stories from this historic city and my review of Hotel Bayrischer Hof in June 2012.

Hotel Bayrischer Hof on tripadvisor.

Hotel Bayrischer Hof has been rated at number 9 out of 77 hotels in Heidelberg

See information on the hotel on

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Oh, I'm on my way, I know I am.....

Drinking wine i Salisbury MA - and I am drionking wine now as well......
I am on my way to Heidelberg, Germany - defying strike among the airports security personel.... I am drinking red wine - and I have rebooked the hotel I cancelled. 

Oslo Airport 2.40 PM: I am seated at Le Grand Comptoir Brasserie at Oslo Airport enjoying my second glass of wine. After the announced strike among security guards at Oslo Airport today, I left 4 - four - hours ahead, finding that the lines at the security were nearly at the normal level.

Neckar flows through Heidelberg. Photo: PanchoS
Even better - I found that there was one superior single room available at Hotel Bayrischer Hof in Heidelberg, meaning that I am back to schedule. I rebooked the hotel after cancelling due to the strike, not for three but for four nights, as Scandinavian Airlines rescheduled me to a flight tonight, not tomorrow as planned.

So cheers to all of you. I am back to where I was before the strike, just better. I have got an extra night in Germany. I am looking forward to sit by the Neckar drinking a cold beer.

So you will hear from me, as I am on my way - to Heidelberg Germany...... 

Cured ham from Tuddal

Tuddal is a municiplaity in Telemark county. Photo: Trulsh
I belong to those that are convinced that Norwegians can not make high quality cured ham. I pass the shelves with products made from Finsbråthen and Gilde and choose Spanish serrano or Italian parma ham. For someone who shy away from Norwegian ham, I was highly surprised by a cured ham from Tuddal in Telemark served during a tasting session at Fenaknoken a week ago. It was deliriously delicious, surpassing San Daniele, Parma, and the best serranos.....
Italian Parma ham. Photo: Sun Taro 
Spain and Italy have managed to balance quality and mass production of cheese and ham, and sell at high prices in a food market with low prices, overall. I have tasted culatello, parma ham, San Daniele ham, Serrano and Pata Negra ham at ridiculous prices but with a taste and texture to die for. Norwegian mass production can simply not compete on quality, and even though imported delicacies are imposed high customs, many Norwegian choose European quality ham at chocking prices.

I am happy to say that there are exceptions. These high quality products are sold in specialty shops in the bigger cities, and I was invited to a tasting session at one such shop -  Fenaknoken in downtown Oslo. We were served a wide range of dried and cured meats, smoked and gravad fish and cheese. Among products on the table was a sensational ham from Tuddal, a beautiful valley in Telemark county.

What separate these products from the ones you find in the supermarkets. Whereas many cured meats in your shelves may have been injected with salted water, these have been dry salted. In this gentle process salt are absorbed to the meat in exchange with water that is extracted, leaving it drier and with a sweeter taste. Exclusive ham is also allowed to hang and mature the meat and removing even more water. The ham from Tuddal had matured for 3 years.

But beware, specialty products like this, are expensive. The Tuddal ham cost 960 NOK (158 USD / EUR 126) pr. kilo, but it is worth every penny!! These products are for occasions, and I bought 200 grams to bring to enjoy at our summer home the coming weekend.

How is the best way to enjoy such a treat? In Spain we buy a few slices of exceptionally good ham, serving it as it is to nibble with a glass of ice cold cava. At our summer home I served with with freshly boiled with asparagus and Hollandaise sauce, hardly the most healthy option - for the body, that is. For the soul, however, such a meal is a blissful experience.

See the Fenaknoken website here (Norwegian only)

Fenaknoken on Facebook 

Fenaknoken is one of a few specialty food shops in Oslo - more stories: 

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Huaca Pucllana, Lima - my film on YouTube

Here is the video I shot at the Huaca Pucllana on March 22nd 2012. 
I have made a detailed account on what happened that day.

Read more on: 
More on YouTube:

Huaca Pucllana, Lima

Peru is famous for the Inca culture. This culture was however the latest in a long line of different cultures on which the Inca rulers built their reign. Historic monuments from these are scattered over this large country and many are also found in Lima. One of them is the Huaca Pucllana - the large pyramid.
Huaca Pucllana dates back as 200 AD and was extended until 700 AD. It is made from clay and adobe. It is fascinating to see all the the neatly organized bricks that make up the foundation of this huge construction. 
The name Huacla Pucllana is derived from the Quechua word “pucllay,” meaning “game. It was built for ceremonial and administrative purposes by the Lima Culture, that developed in the Peruvian Central Coast between the years of 200 AD and 700 AD. There are also remains from the Wari Culture (500 AD-900 AD) that followed the Lima culture on the site. 
We read about Huacla Pucllana and as it is located in Miraflores, where we stayed, we were determined to find it. We checked the map, walked from our apartment, up to Parque Kennedy, and continued on past the inca market before turning into a side street. 
We were surprised to find that the Huacla Pucllana was located in the middle of a residential area. It is a vast structure, and its pyramide shape is still visible, even though it has been worn down. As Lima is locared in a desert, erosion by water is a small problem, so the Huacla Pucllana as well as other ancient sites are well preserved. 
You can get access to the Huacla Pucllana, but we were tired by walking and took photos from outside the fence. I do regret the fact that we did not visit the Huacla Pucllana, as it is an extremely impressive structure. The heat during that day made it necessary for us to retreat to a café nearby for a cold Inca cola.      

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UPDATED: Travel stories on Enjoy Food & Travel 2012

Icelandic coast by winter, November 2010
To make it easier for you, I have compiled all the travel stories on Enjoy Food & Travel for the year 2012 on this page. Enjoy!


  • Advise on what to eat, drink, and see in Peru (March 10th 2012)
    My friend John has lived in Peru. He wrote a mail to me recently, giving me useful advise on what to experience when visiting this South American country. Here is what he wrote. 
  • Booking a domestic flight in Peru (March 5th 2012) 
    A few days ago I booked my domestic flight from Lima to Cuzco, and suddenly it dawned on me that I shortly will be in the Andes!!



    MAY 2012: Direct flights to Stockholm from Norwegian airports

    In Stockholm you may admire the magnificent 13th century Riddarholmskyrkan                  Photo: Alexandru Baboş Albabos
    May 2012 there are flights, or planned flights to Stockholm, Sweden from following Norwegian airports.  
    • Bergen - Stockholm* (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
    • Bergen - Stockholm* (Scandinavian Airlines)
    • Oslo - Stockholm** (FlyBe Nordic)
    • Oslo - Stockholm* (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
    • Oslo - Stockholm* (Scandinavian Airlines)
    • COMING: Stavanger - Stockholm* (Scandinavian Airlines)
    • Trondheim - Stockholm* (Scandinavian Airlines) 
    * Arlanda Airport
    ** Bromma Airport

    Scandinavian Airlines resumes flights Stavanger - Stockholm

    Stockholm Arlanda International Airport Terminal 2 Photo: Brorsson
    - Four weekly flights from October 2012

    Scandinavian Airlines resumes flights from Sola Airport, Stavanger to Arlanda Airport in Stockholm from October 28th 2012.
    Scandinavian Airlines started direct flights as far back as the 1970's. In 2008 the air carrier operated flights to Swedish capital, but discontinued its service. Swedish carrier Skyways was the latest carrier to fly direct from Stavanger to Stockholm
    Scandinavian Airlines will have 4 weekly flights on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Flights will leave Stockholm 11.15 AM, with return flights from Stavanger 1.05 PM.  

    More stories on direct flights from Norwegian airports and Stockholm
    See all domestic and international flights from Sola Airport here

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