Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rating Star Perú flight Lima-Cuzco-Lima

March 29th 2012: Another Star Perú BAe 146-200 parked side by side our flight from Cuzco to Lima 
As we booked our air fare between Lima and Cuzco, we could choose between two air carriers, TACA and Star Perú. We chose Star Perú. The main issue with our Star Perù experience was punctuality. If  plane had left on time, or if we had learned the reasons for the three hour delay on our way to Cuzco, the score would have been much higher. 

Flight information: 
  • March 26th 2012: Star Perú flight: 1117 Departure Lima 9.30 AM. Arrival Cuzco 10.30 AM
  • March 29th 2012: Star Perú flight: 1182 Departure Cuzco 1.00 PM. Arrival Lima 2.00 PM
  • Wessel type: BAe 146-200 
Rating Star Perú flight Lima-Cuzco-Lima BBBB- (3,6 points)
  • Check-in: BBB 
  • Take-off: BBB 
  • Hospitality: BBBBB 
  • Service: BBBBB 
  • Complementary: BBB 
  • Comfort: BBB 
  • Flying time: BBBBB 
  • Arrival: BBB 
  • Check-out: BBB 
  • Duty-free goods: N/A 
  • Price: BBB
Flying over the snow capped Andes
Punctuality is the main reason for the score of BBB+ for Star Perú. We arrived at Jorge Chevez International airport on Lima, checked in our suitcase and went to departure area.

We were to be at our gate 40 minute before take-off, and we were there to find total chaos, with no information if or when our plane to Cuzco were to leave. This went on for over two hours, before our plane landed and we could leave - very delayed indeed!

We were even served a small meal on our one-hour trip
Luckily we had no similar experience on our way back, lifting the average, but the late departure, arrival and lack of information moved Star Perú from 4,4 to 3,6, as the rest of the airline experience was not too bad, in fact much better than many European budget air carriers. Why?
The Star Perú staff was nice and smiling and provided good service. We even were served a small sandwich, a cake, coffee and a refreshing glass of Inka Cola during the one-hour trip.

The seating comfort was not particularly good, though, but it did not matter on such a short flight, but it will count in this rating. All in all, however, the flight experience was pleasant, and I have no problem recommending Star Perú.
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One-week Mediterranean escape for less than NOK 1000 from Norway right now

Photo: One week at Rhodes is for sale just now by Tango7174
Checked the net right now, and you may certainly travel dead cheap to a Mediterranean destination within the coming month. 
On you grab one week in Croatia, Greece, Rhodes, or Canary Islands for less than NOK 1000 per person, air fare and unspecified accommodation the coming 5 weeks. That is a serious bargain, so if you know where your passport is, and may take a week off without any trouble, this is the time to choose. 

NEW: APRIL 2012 - Non-stop flights from Årø Airport, Molde Norway

View NEW: Direct domestic and international flights from Årø Airport Molde in a larger map

On this map you find domestic and international direct flights operated by all airlines from Årø Airport, Molde Norway.
This map is based on information from the Airport official website. Errors may occur. Do consult airport website or airline for updated information.
Red marker means that flights has been cancelled or seasonal and not in operation. Green marker for planned services. Yellow marker means that flights are seasonal and in operation. Airplane marker means that service is in operation all year around.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Norwegian offers two non-stop flights from Europe to Molde

Rica Seilet Hotel - a Molde landmark. Photo: Clemsfranz
Norwegian Air Shuttle offers more and more direct flights from Europe to Norwegian cities. Latest is non-stop flights from Molde to Berlin and Malaga from 2013.

Molde, the city of roses, is located on the rugged north west coastline of Norway. This region offers spectacular scenery, much weather, and a maritime, temperate climate, with cool-to-warm summers, and relatively mild winters. 

From May 2013 Norwegian Air Shuttle may bring citizens of Molde to Kurfürstendamm, and Germans back to Molde, and from June to August 2013 citizen of Malaga, Spain, may explore the city of roses. One highlight is the Molde Jazz festival that takes place in July each year.