Saturday, April 07, 2012

Peru on Youtube

I have had a small easter break from my writing here on Enjoy Food & Travel.  This does not mean that I have been lazy. I have worked on 1100 photos and videos taken during my two weeks in Peru. I have now finished processing my videos from Peru on Youtube. Here are a link to the video material published on my Youtube account.  

Monday, April 02, 2012

UPDATED: Trouble! Too many good restaurants - too little time!

Lima: April 1st, 9.43 AM EST. As this vacation draws to an end we are left with a problem. What place (of the many tried or suggested) restaurants to choose for our three lunches and two dinners before our plane leaves Tuesday 8.15 PM. I bet one will be Ristorante Danica that we discovered yesterday.

Our stay in Lima / Cuzco has been a culinary treat for us. All food has been delicious - ALL! If you could talk about one disappointing meal it must have been the buffet restaurant at Macchu Picchu. For those of you tempted to dine there, take the bus down to Aguas Calientes and find a restaurant there instead. 

Yesterday was a great day, lunch- and dinnerwise. The Fish restaurant in Barranco was excellent, and around 5 PM yesterday we went to find an Italian restaurant recommended by my nephew. The Danica was absolutely superb. We chose bruschetta to share, and Laila ordered a pasta carbonara, and I chose a lasagna with cured ham and blue cheese.

- The food was wicked!!!! With one bottle of red wine to share we paid 200 Soles ($75 / €56) including tip. Danica is one clear candidate for one of the remaining meal.

Another is to have a sunset meal on our last evening, and we have half way decided to dine at Vivaldino's at Larcomar, where we enjoyed our Tuna steak the other day. When we manage to drag ourselves out of our apartment here in Miraflores we may have a snack at Bar Restaurant Cardano in the historic district, after our visit to the Gold Museum. This place is traditional in all ways Peruvian dating back more than one century.

Soo you see - we are in trouble. Too many good options, too little time. I will, however, keep you posted until we board our plane bound for Europe Tuesday evening.

8.40 PM EST: We had a snack at Café Havana, went to the Gold Museum. It seemed to be off the beaten track, but in the vaults you could see a small part of what is left of the gold of the Inkas and their predecessors.

We hired a cab at Larcomar to get us to the Gold Museum, and he waited for us, even though we had said that it was not necessary. He brought us to the cathedral, dropped us off, and we went to Cardano. We ordered their sandwich. Fine roll stuffed in abundance with sliced salted pork and pickled onions. Just as shown on the the clip on YouTube.

We had a chat with the waiter, eager to tell Cardanos history. It had been founded by Italians, but had recently been taken over by those working in the old tavern. He told that they were determined to keep the Cardano as it is for future generations.

Then dinner - one down, one to go. We did go back to the Danica for another helping of their special lasagna made from blue cheese, mushrooms, pesto, confit tomatoes and crispy cured ham. Could not resist it.

The waiter told us that this was the second Danica, first being in neighbouring San Isidro, but this had been running for just 7 months. The original Danica in San Isidro has been given very favourable ratings at tripadvisor, but I do recommend the new restaurant in Miraflores. Food was awesome...

Price? Probably steep compared to Peru prices. 250 soles (including tip) for two main courses, three mineral water, one bottle of red wine, and one raspberry sorbet (that had that taste of summer). We over tipped - but they do deserve it!!!   

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