Saturday, March 17, 2012

New direct flight Stavanger - Paris

Photo: Terminal 1 at Charles de Gaule International Airport by Dmitry Avdeev
Scandinavian Airlines will resume direct flights from Stavanger Airport and Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris from August 27th 2012.

There will be four weekly flights between Stavanger and Paris, each Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday and fare one way will start from NOK 549 (€ 74 / $ 96). The two hour flights will run through the winter season 2012/2013.

Future all year flights from Stavanger to Paris will depend on the interest of Norwegians and French passengers alike to travel between the two destinations.  

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rating Legal Sea Foods, South Shore Plaza - Braintree MA

Legal Sea Foods at South Shore Plaza Photo: Company website

Legal Sea Foods is a chain of restaurants founded in the Boston area and found in the Greater Boston area. We decided to have lunch at the Legal Sea Foods at South Shore Plaza in Braintree on Bostons south shore.
Rating Legal Sea Foods, South Shore Plaza - Braintree MA: BBBB- (3,72 points)
  • Location: B+
  • Service: BBBBB-
  • Interior & atmosphere: BBBB+
  • Food: BBBB+
Photo: Red line train at Braintree Terminus by BotMultichill
South Shore Plaza is a shopping mall located around one kilometer / half a mile away from Braintree Subway station, the end station of the Red Line.

Getting there will take you around 25 minutes from South Station and a 10-15 minute walk. The time this would take, would not be justified, as South Shore Plaza is a mall in suburbia, like many of those found around any American city.

Interior - Legal Sea Foods Braintree
We went there, as my cousin has got a car, and took a lunch after having bought clothes at Nordstrom.

The interior at Legal Sea Foods was as interesting and appealing as the location was uninteresting. It was a little dark, but the interior had beautiful marine colours, blue, and tropical green combined with light wood. Interesting features were two large fish tanks underlining the maritime theme. 

As always in America, we were given excellent service. The Legal Seafoods waitress was friendly and efficient, took our order, and we were served expediently. 

I ordered a bowl of "authentic creamy bisque garnished with lobster" priced at $ 9.95.
- It was excellent!!
Lobster bisque as served at Legal Seafood.
The lobster bisque, delicate red coloured, served in a large bowl. Thick, creamy and rich, very well balanced - a whole meal in itself, with large chunks of loster meat.
Paying ten bucks for a bowl of soup seems a little stiff, but it was a whole meal in itself. The lobster  bisque was definitely worth a visit and even worth a revisit next time I am in the US. .  


Legal Sea Foods
250 Granite Street
Braintree, MA 02184
+1 781 356-3070

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    Tuesday, March 13, 2012

    Traveling to South America - health concerns

    Warning signs of altitude sickness at the Mount Evans observation area in Colorado.
    I have to admit that I have certain health concerns when traveling to South America. Altitude sickness is one of them.
    As the date of my departure approaches, I have to admit that I have certain concerns traveling so far away from your home. Here are a few. 
    Altitude sickness
    Altitude sickness strikes above 2400 meters. My sister experienced an acute short of breath while staying at Cusco in Peru located at 3400 meters above sea level. She described as a feeling that your lungs were too large and that you could not breathe properly.

    She strongly recommended to take pills in order to prevent the worst symptoms, and drinking coca-tea as the natives natural medication to live at this altitude. It is important to walk slowly, drink much water as well as avoiding alcohol.


    When traveling to Peru be sure to have taken hepatitis A, as well as tetanus, and do remember malaria pills if you plan to visit the Amazon rainforest on the other side of  the Andes. I strongly recommend Dukoral, cholera vaccine, as it may protect you from other stomach bugs as well as cholera itself.
    If traveling to tropical or subtropical regions consult your doctor to check whether any vaccines are necessary.

    Digestive unpleasantness

    Constipation or more often diarrhea occurs on only as a result of a food infection. When ill you may take Immodium (loperamide) if experiencing diarrhea. These pills should, however only be taken, if absolutely necessary, as a stomach flu often gets rid of the microbes causing the infection.  
    Probiotic - you may feel ill when traveling to the tropics, without having any infection. This as you are exposed to another bacterial flora. When starting to take a probiotic a week before departure you increase the amount of "nice" bacteria in your colon. This may counteract the effects of another microbiological flora.

    Do also remember to bring desinfection fluid if you need to clean your hands e.g. before a meal in an area with little access to clean water.

    What (not) to eat on vacation:

    There are some very easy advice that may significantly reduce the chance of travellers diahrrea or food born illnesses. These are:
    • Non-disinfected water. Drink bottled water!
    • Ice cubes
    Be cautions when offered the following foods
    • cold sauces
    • unpasteurized dairy products
    • food prepared from raw eggs (e.g. mayonnaise and desserts)
    • salads
    • raw seafood
    • partly roasted or raw meat or meat products
    • food served luke warm
    Safely eat:
    • warm, cooked or fried foods
    • fruits and vegetables peeled by yourself
    • freshly made tea/coffee
    • properly sealed, bottled water
    Brush your teeth with bottled water and avoid swallowing water when taking a shower or a swim.

    Sunday, March 11, 2012

    Rating Copenhagen Admiral Hotel

    Copenhagen Admiral Hotel
    Copenhagen Admiral Hotel is a modern first class hotel in a 220 year old storage house, and has the Danish Royal Palace as its closest neighbour. Staying at this historic landmark hotel was an interesting experience, and you saw such a room as we stayed in. The dimension of the constructions were enormous and tuned with modern Danish design it provided a unique experience.

    Rating Copenhagn Admiral Hotel: BBBB+ (4,30 points)
    • Location: BBBBB
    • Service: BBBBB
    • Room: BBBB+
    • Facilities: BBBB
    • Price: BBB
    Nyhavn, Copenhagen - by winter time
    Copenhagen Admiral Hotel enjoys a prime location. It is located by Nyhavn in the middle of the Danish capital, with a wide range of restaurants and cafes in beautiful old 17th and 18th century townhouses just around the corner. 
    Massive wooden 18th century constructions

    The Square Kongens Nytorv and the pedestrian shopping street, StrøgetCity Hall, Tivoli Gardens and the Royal Theatre is within reach by foot. Just on the other side of the harbour you can see the impressive new opera house opened in 2005.

    We were met by a very professional staff at the reception desk, and were given room number 312, a executive double room priced at DKK 1100 (€148 / $195) per night. Price did neither include breakfast nor free Internet access.

    Room 312 had two comfortable twin beds

    We enjoyed two very good twin beds, and there was a small working space, and generous storage. There were two pieces of contemporary Danish leather chairs, and smart flat screen TV.  The hotel safe was so well tucked away that we located it the day we left.  

    There were minor maintenance issues. The tap was dripping, and the chair by the desk was so worn that that I did not dare to sit on it fearing that I would end on the floor, but except for these two issues, there were nothing to put a finger on. Else it was very well maintained.

    There was carpet on the floor, and this is a main hygienic issue as they are very hard to clean. There were negligible amounts of dust on surfaces and picture-, and mirror frames.

    • Inhouse bar and restaurant 
    • Rest area 
    • Private Wellness area, with sauna, the walk-in-shower or the steam bath rented for 50 minutes at prices ranging from DKK 50-200, depending on the number of persons. 
    • In-house masseuse
    • Air conditioning
    • Wireless connection - not free of charge (DKK 150 per night) 
    • Free PC for guests  
    Breakfast was not included in the price, and we found the price to high to choose the breakfast at the hotel, choosing a croissant and coffee at a much lower price nearby.

    Copenhagen Admiral Hotel was a good choice at a decent price in the Danish capital. This as Copenhagen is a expensive city to stay in, and that the price we paid were lower than you could expect elsewhere.

    Beware that we did not pay regular rate this time, and we strongly recommend hotel booking sites if you were to choose Copenhagen Admiral Hotel or another hotel in the Danish capital.

    Copenhagen Admiral Hotel
    Toldbodgade 24 - 28
    DK - 1253 Copenhagen K
    Phone: +45 33 74 14 14

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