Thursday, March 01, 2012

Jamies pastasauce with olive and garlic

A celebrity backed brand may be a good indication of a high quality product, but it is gives no guarantee. That was certainly the case with the Jamie Oliver pasta sauce with garlic and tomato
I went to Jacob's, one of Oslo's most best grocery stores the other day. I left with a glass of Jamie Oliver pasta sauce with tomatoes, garlic and olives thinking that his seal of approval would guarantee a high quality sauce for a pasta dish. 
I ended up very disappointed. The Jamie Oliver pasta sauce had a bright red colour and was nice and chunky. The sauce did not have the delicate balance of a good tomato sauce, lacking sweetness combined with too much salt and vinegar it provided a rather bitter tasting experience. 
I know that many tomato sauces has too much sweetness, as the Dole tomato sauce I often use when preparing Italian food. I do, however, prefer a pasta sauce to be on the sweeter side, as this unbalance is easily corrected by seasoned meat or other ingredients. 
However! Waste not, want not! Jamie Oliver pasta sauce with olives and garlic became a key ingredient in a ragú made with pork, Jacob's Beste red wine sauce, and cream, balanced with a fair amount of sugar, but that is a very different story.           

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New direct flights from Moss-Rygge Airport in 2012

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On this map you find current non-stop flights from Moss-Rygge Airport updated per January 2012.

Following new flights will start from Moss Rygge Airport in 2012:
  • Moss-Rygge - Bergamo, Italy (Ryanair)
  • Moss-Rygge - Budapest, Hungary (Ryanair)
  • Moss-Rygge - Chania, Greece (Ryanair)
  • Moss-Rygge - Corfu, Greece (Ryanair)
  • Moss-Rygge - Lodz, Poland (Ryanair)
  • Moss-Rygge - Malta (Ryanair)
  • Moss-Rygge - Paphos, Cyprus (Ryanair)
  • Moss-Rygge - Pula, Croatia (Ryanair)
  • Moss-Rygge - Toulon, France (Ryanair)
  • Moss-Rygge - Warsaw-Modlin (Ryanair)

July 2012: Ryanair will fly from Moss Rygge to Warsaw-Modlin airport

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Norwegian Air Shuttle operates flights from Oslo Airport to Warsaw Chopin Airport. Ryanair will start flights from Moss-Rygge airport in July, but will, as usual, bring you to an airport further away from the city centre.

Ryanair may bring you cheap to any destination, or that is if you follow all the airline’s instructions. The budget air carrier does, however, as a rule bring you to airports where they pay lower fees to land. This may mean pushing higher transportation costs to your destination on to you.
So is also the case when Ryanair opens flights from Moss-Rygge Airport to Warsaw in July. They will fly to Warsaw-Modlin Airport located 35 kilometers away from the city centre, and has served as a military airport until now. It will now serve budget airlines flying to the Polish capital.
This airport will open a month before Ryanair starts its flights. (Let us hope it is finished by then), and Ryanair will operate three weekly flights to Warsaw-Modlin.
I personally avoid Ryanair - here you see why!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mediterranean finger food

Mediterranean delicacies on a plate
Turkey and Spain on a 19th century Staffordshire plate in full harmony. I simply love Mediterranean finger food!!

I hope you are not sick and tired of tapas, because here are more of the stuff. I had friends for supper the other day and decided to serve finger food, rather than the customary sandwiches or a hot soup.

I commend the Turks that have moved to Norway. Thanks to them, we have a large number of Turkish delis in Oslo. Here you can choose from finger foods and sweet pastries.

I have a great Turkish supermarket nearby. Istanbul at Hauketo has grown beyond deli, in size, and Turkish when it comes to ingredients, as there are an abundance of ethnic foods for sale from all corners of the world.

I picked out soft mushrooms and hot peppers stuffed with feta cheese and immersed in olive oil. I also bought a packet of exclusive Spanish pata negra, matured, aromatic and exceptionally tender.  In addition to these small dishes I found a can of cabbage roulades stuffed with rice and meat.

I also served a few hot dishes -  baked scallops with bacon, baked Spanish chorizos with sherry, bread and aîoli. All easy to prepare  and exceptionally tasty - perfect when you have little time returning from work a weekday evening. 

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Destination Røros

The old mining town Røros was founded in 1644 after a farmer discovered huge amounts of copper close by. From the mid 1600's the city grew into the most prosperous cities in the country.

The center of the city can be dated back to 1679, when the Swedish army burnt the city down. Today you find a large number of listed wooden buildings in the city, official as well as dwellings. Particularly impressive is the church built in 1784 that can seat up to 1600 people.

The wooden buildings are built from the 17th up to the present. Still the character of the city itself as a 17th century mining-centre has been well preserved. The city is especially beautiful during the cold winter months.

The best way to get to Røros is by train from Oslo or Trondheim, operated by the Norwegian State Railways (NSB), or by plane from Oslo Airport. 

Golden Air offers direct flights Trollhättan - Røros winter 2012

Røros church is Norway's fifth largest church seating 1 600 people. Photo: Magnus Manske
Swedish Golden Air will offer. two weekly flights from Trollhättan, Sweden to the mining town Røros this winter.

Røros is a town founded in the middle of the 17th century around large copper deposits on a mountain plain close to Trondheim in the mid part of Norway. I visited the town more than ten years ago and was then captivated by its beauty. Ancient buildings along small narrow streets creates a unique city community, and the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1980.

Golden Air will have two weekly flights with a SAAB-2000 plane between Trollhättan and Røros from February 2nd through April 8th. There are also flights to Røros from Oslo Airport operated by DOT LT.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jet d'Eau, A Geneva signature

The Jet d'Eau or the water jet is an impressive fountain is the signature of the city of Geneva, Switzerland 

500 liters or 132 gallons of water from Lac Leman are pumped 140 meters / 459 meters into the air. Around 7000 liters or 1849 gallons of water are in the air at any moment it is operated.

It is an impressive feature visible even when you fly at an altitude of 33 000 feet over the city.

The first Jet d'eau on a photo from 1886
The first Jet d'Eau was 30 meters / 98 feet tall and was installed in 1886 at the Usine de la Coulouvrenière, a little bit further downstream. It worked a safety valve for a hydro electric power network.

The first Jet d'Eau was, du  to its beauty,  moved to its present location in to celebrate Federal Gymnastics Festival and the 600th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation in 1891.

The present water feature was opened in 1951. It is operated all year, except during frost or strong wind.

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