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MAY 2012: Flybe Nordic starts flights Oslo - Stockholm-Bromma airport

Photo: Flybe Nordic ATR ATR-72-500 at Joensuu Airport, by Teemu Pesonen
Flybe Nordic will start direct flights from Oslo Airport to Bromma Airport in Stockholm May 2nd 2012.
Bromma airport is considerably closer to Stockholm city centre than the city's main airport at Arlanda, is located 7.4 km; 4.6 mi northwest of downtown Stockholm. Flybe Nordic will have two daily flights between the capitals weekdays and one flight on Sundays.

Departures from Stockholm-Bromma airport will be:
  • 10.50 AM (Weekdays)
  • 6.50 PM  (All days)
Departures from Oslo-Gardermoen International Airport will be:
  • 12.30 PM (Weekdays)
  • 8.30 PM (All days)
Flight time will be 1 hour and 10 minutes.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

COMING: Comfort Hotel Runway, Oslo Airport

Comfort Hotel Runway. Photo: Hotel website
In March we are leaving for Peru. As our flight departs at 6.30 AM in the morning, we chose to book a hotel room at Oslo airport. The hotel offering the best deal for a double room was Comfort Hotel Runway, located west of Norway's major airport.

Comfort Hotel Runway was opened in 2010. It offers 300 double rooms with sound proof windows. It has a FoodCourt serving sushi, wraps, or Mediterranean food as well as warm and cold beverages. The FoodCourt is open 24/7 offering breakfast for early birds, as us.

Other facilitites are: 
  • Free WiFi throughout the hotel 
  • Fitness room with view to the runway 
  • Airconditioning 
  • Safe 
  • Breakfast included
  • Non-smoking 
  • Pets allowed 
The hotel will be rated here on Enjoy Food & Travel when we are back from our South American adventure.

Comfort Hotel Runway
Hans Gaarders veg 27,
2060 Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Norway
Phone :+47 63 94 88 88
Faks:+47 63 94 88 89
Hotel website (English)

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Miss Fan - the ghost of Dimmick Inn

Dimmick Inn is daid to have a ghost that haunts them. Ms. Fan or Miss Frances Dimmick is said to roam around the old building.

Frances Dimmick was the proprietor of the Dimmick Inn. She ran the Inn for her father, who built the establishment in 1828.

The original building was ravaged by fire, but was re-built, under the guidance of Fannie, in 1856.

It was said that; "Miss Fan, like the waterfalls, mountains and streams, was one of the attractions of Pike County." An 1859 advertisement of the Inn claims that under her supervision "the table will be well furnished and the bar constantly supplied with choice wines, liquors and 'segars'".

The Dark Illusions Paranormal Research Team has been conducting a paranormal investigation several places in Milford and also at Dimmick Inn. I do not know whether the video above from YouTube from Dimmick Inn shows anything, but it would be sensational to have caught Miss Fan on celluloid!!

Rating Dimmick Inn & Steakhouse, Milford PA

Milford, Pike County PA. Photo: Beyond My Ken
Dimmick Inn & Steakhouse is a historic building in Milford PA, built in 1856 by Samuel Dimmick. The building is a three-story, side-gabled brick building most known for its wrapped double-gallery porch. The inn was built to replace the former structure built by Mrs. Cyrille Pinchot (the former Eliza Cross) that was destroyed in a fire in 1828. Dimmick Inn is today owned and run by the Jorgenson family.

Rating Dimmick Inn, Milford PA: BBBB (3,76 points)
  • Location: BBB
  • Service: BBBBB- 
  • Atmosphere and interior: BBB
  • Food: BBBB+
Dimmick Inn & Steakhouse  is located in Milford PA, a charming town located by the Delaware River separating New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Scenic Hawk's Nest is close to Milford PA
As I visited my cousin Carol, I was brought there by my cousin Carol. For those of you without a car, it is very hard to get there, as there are (in my knowledge) no bus or train services to this very scenic part of the US.

It is a pity, as Milford is a beautiful town with many impressive historic buildings and landmarks and the wilderness is just by.

Service at Dimmick Inn & Steakhouse was good, as nearly everywhere in the US. We were attended to quickly and professionally, took our order and were served quickly.

Dimmick Inn & Steakhouse - interior
I was a little disappointed by the interior in the room we were seated, as the Dimmick Inn & Steakhouse is in a 150 year old  historic building. Very little of the original features of the building were visible. Instead of old wooden floors, we walked on carpets. There was a fire burning, a welcoming and friendly feature during my late October visit.

I have discovered by browsing through the company website that other rooms of the property has been restored back to a more original interior.

The rustic wooden tables and chairs were located well apart and we were comfortably seated.

The lunch menu at Dimmick Inn & Steakhouse features homemade soups and chili, entré salads, sandwiches, Maryland crab cakes, fried chicken, hot dogs, nachos, pub pizza, BBQ, and burgers.

My fried fish burger
I chose a fried fish burger served in a bun with French fries and coleslaw. That was a good choice.

The breaded fish was fried to perfection, as the French fries. Golden and crisp and creamy and tender inside.

Coleslaw was fresh and crispy, and the fish was served with fresh salad and tasty dressing.

Dimmick Inn & Steakhouse also offers ten beers on tap an charming authentic tap room worth visiting if you need a refreshing beer.  You can also choose from an extensive wine list featuring both imported and domestic wine. 

Dimmick Inn & Steakhouse is absolutely worth visiting if you happen to be in Milford PA. The food is good and reasonably priced, and the service was good. If the old building had been totally restored back to its former beauty it would have been a pearl!

I have no problem to recommend Dimmick Inn & Steakhouse to dine and drink.

Dimmick Inn & Steakhouse
101 East Harford Street
Milford, PA 18337
+1 (570) 296-4021

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chorizo Pasta Recipe

Here you have an idea how to to use any Spanish chorizo left in your refrigerator. Irish TV chef Rachel Allen shares her recipe for Chorizo, or Kabanossi, Sausage Pasta - a super simple, spicy dish for the whole family to enjoy.
This video recipe is brought to you by

Culinary Catalonia - chorizos, patés and poultry

The art of cured meats are mastered to perfection in Catalonia, Spain 
One of the main reasons why I love Catalonia is their rich culinary culture. I love roaming through the abundant food markets of Barcelona, where the wide range of specialty products are displayed, and I know for sure that if I had such markets close by, I would buy products there instead of at my local supermarkets.
Here are photos of meat and meat products as seen in Catalonia these last years. They will give you an idea how many meat specialties you can can choose from. They may be more expensive, than products found in the supermarkets, but the quality is superior to any mass produced foods.

Display of cured meats and salamis from different cities as the Pamplonica from the city of Pamplona in Navarra,The xorico de vic originates from the city of Vic north east of Barcelona where cured sausages have been produced as far back as the 14th century. The Longaniza Iberica is a Spanish sausage closely associated with the Portuguese linguiça.
Patés with Armagnac, figs and port wine and cava (left), supreme patés layered with duck and ceps (foreground). On the right part of the photo you have cream cheeses flavoured with nuts and pine nuts.
Poultry does not come any fresher than this. You will even have to decapitate it and remove the innards. The brightly coloured skin reflects its diet, derived from fresh maize corn.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Sunday brunch tray

My brunch tray
My friend Dagfinn came over last Sunday for brunch. The easiest option for me was to serve bread, crackers and organize different spreads, cold cuts, cheese, fish on a tray. 
Smoked salmon is always a success for lunch. My mothers generation would serve the sliced salmon with scrambled eggs. I chose the Jewish option - Philadelphia cheese with chives would be a good match - you just miss the bagel.

Norwegians love Stilton for Christmas, but after the season has passed, supermarkets sell the rest of their stocked cheese at lower price close to expiry date. I bought a porcelaine jar of Stilton or rather a Cropwell Bishop Shropshire stilton cheese with whisky. A strong cheese as Stilton is great when served with conserves, and I chose a blueberry and blackcurrant jam - a smashing culinary hit.

Blackcurrant and blueberry jam and salmon curled up in the back
A mild, young brie is the completely opposite of the forceful Stilton cheese, mild in taste and exceptionally creamy when reached room temperature, but we discovered tht even this cheese was good served with the jam that made the Stilton swing. 

I love semi-hard cheeses on a tray, as well. A sliced Maasdamer cheese has a sweet, nutty taste to it, and the taste was ehanced further when paired with a smoked salami on a tasted slice of bread.

A glass of leftover pickled mustard herring from Christmas was taken out of my refrigerator to provide a delicious taste on a lunch table. Herring should ideally be served with sliced raw red onions on Danish rye bread, but I chose a crisp rye bread, a very appropriate choice.

What to drink? A cold glass of lager is certainly the traditional Scandinavian choice, and if you are in the mood - take a glass of Aquavit as a digestif, or if just a small buzz!

Velbekomme - as we say in Norwegian.

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2012 on Enjoy Food & Travel

Cuzco, Peru will be one of the destinations visited in 2012. Photo: Schoci
2012 will bring stories from South- and North America, Europe as well as Africa here on Enjoy Food & Travel. 

March-April 2012: Lima, Cuzco, Macchu Picchu - Peru 
Traveling to Peru is a dream come through. In March it will finally happen as we will travel to visit this beautiful country by the equator.

The Plaza de Armas marketplace, Lima. Photo: Dozenist
Having my nephews apartment in the Miraflores area as base camp we will explore the Peruvian capital Lima, before traveling on to Cuzco, Macchu Picchu and the Sacred Valley in the Andean foothills.

This will be my first time in South America, and provide an intriguing experience of the ancient Inca culture and the Spanish culture taking over. With a flight time of around 12 hours it is also one of the longest journeys I've had in my life only surpassed by the non-stop flight Zürich - San Francisco taken in November 2000.

April 2012: Bergen, Norway

Bergen: City centre from the Fløien mountain plateau
I will attend a conference in Bergen, Norway in April 2012.

Bergen is located among high mountains by the west coast of the Norway.

Bergen is the only genuine medieval city in Norway. The city centre has been ravaged by flames many times, the latest being by the large fire of 1702. Over and over has the city risen from the flames, along the same old narrow medieval streets and passages.

Among the most beautiful areas is Bryggen, rebuilt after the last large fire, it still reflects centuries of building tradition.

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 May 2012: Heidelberg, Germany

In May 2012 I will spend a weekend in Heidelberg Germany.

Heidelberg is the home to one of the oldest and most prestigious universities i Germany. It dates back to 1386.
Palace as seen from city centre. Photo: Brian Tibbetts
The university is the main reason why I go to visit this old German city. Another nephew is studying medicine here in 2012, so this is a social visit as well.

Heidelberg has a beautiful old city centre resting under the mighty castle. It goes back to the 15th century when Prince Elector Ruprecht III (1398–1410) erected the first building in the inner courtyard as a royal residence.

I will be there one weekend, so there will not be much time to explore what this beautiful historic city has to offer. Still I am determined to explore the palace once home to the once Prince elects of the Rhine-Palatinate as well as a few pints of beer.

July 2012: Paris,  France

Photo: La Tour Eiffel and Champ de Mars by Ralf Roletschek
In July I will stay one weekend in Paris, France. I plan to accompany Shannon, an American cousin to this beautiful metropolis during her first visit to Europe.

I have visited the French capital several times before, in the pre Enjoy Food & Travel era, but I have a few stories from the city on this site posted by friends. I am, however, excited to return to Paris.

A must is to see the Mona Lisa or la Giocconda at the Louvre Musum as Shannon is very interested in the Arts. Another must is a drink on the Champs Elysees and a climb up the Montmartre to get a prime view of Paris.

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September 2012: Northern New England

Baked quahog as served at Mill Wharf Plaza, Scituate MA
September 2012 I will have my 30th crossing of the Atlantic to experience Northern New England in the United States. This means more stories from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and New Hampshire here on Enjoy Food & Travel.

My annual trips to the United States is a ritual, as this is a purely social visit. My two cousins live close to Boston, by the beautiful beaches found along this coastline. The area is therefore as close to home for me as could be. I have learnt to know (and love) the places, people, sights and food culture through my visits.

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December 2012: Marrakech, Morocco

The beauty of the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech
I hope to end 2012 and start 2013 in Marrakech, Morocco. This will be my third visit to this beautiful North African destination.

You do not have to stick you feet into a pair of ruby slippers and be taken by a twister to leave your Kansas.

Marrakech, by the foot of the Atlas mountains, is definitely not my Kansas. It resembles nothing I have seen until now. It is an intriguing, chaotic mix of the orient and Africa and very far away from Europe.

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May 2012: Wizz Air starts flights Stavanger - Vilnius

Photo: Saint Ann's church and Bernardine Monastery, Vilnius, Lithuania by Wojsyl
Hungarian Wizz Air will start two weekly non-stop flights from Stavanger to Vilnius, Lithuania May 27th 2012. 
Photo: Airbus A320 Wizz Air in Katowice Airport by Piotr Hojka
Wizz Air will be the main air carrier on flights from Norway to Lithuania, as it currently operates flights from Stavanger, Bergen and Sandefjord-Torp Airport.

Wizz Air will run flights between the two cities Wednesdays and Saturdays, and air fare will start from NOK 251 (€33) for a one way ticket. 

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bergen Aquarium, Bergen Norway

The large aquarium at the Nordnes peninsula in Bergen, Norway has, since it was opened in 1960 been one of the city's main attractions. Here you find fish, reptiles, marine mammals, and penguins from different climates, as these tropical fish that plays among sea anemones in warm water.

Here are a few highlights from Bergen Aquarium, showing the diversity of species living at the aquarium.

The penguins of the aquarium warming each other during the harsh winter of 2008
The tough life of a penguin deserves a good rest
The Atlantic Seawolf (Anarhichas lupus) has strong teeth in order for it to feed on hardshell mollusks, crustaceans, and echinoderms
A flatfish rests on sand in one of the large fish tank
A brown crab (Cancer pagurus) is following a giant red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus)
A Norway lobster, Dublin Bay prawn (Nephrops norvegicus) lives in north-eastern Atlantic Ocean, and parts of the Mediterranean Sea
A giant lizzard resting on a branch of a tree
The aquarium is the home of several crocodiles including Samson the Nile crocodile and his two wives
The tiger python can grow to up to 7 meters or over 20 feet.

Bergen Aquarium
Nordnesbakken 4
5005 Bergen
Phone: +47 40 10 24 20
Website in English:

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