Saturday, February 11, 2012

Presentation of the Miraflores District - Lima

The Miraflores District of Lima will be our base camp during our South American Journey. Miraflores is the home district of my nephew. Here he lives in a rented two floor apartment with more than enough room for him as well as visiting guests from Norway.

I found this film clip on this affluent neighbourhood of Lima on YouTube. It certainly gives me an idea what to look forward when visiting the Peruvian capital. Here you will also see the famous Larcomar Shopping Mall so popular with international guests.    

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Coming up in April 2012: Lima, Cuzco and Marcchu Picchu - Peru

Miraflores, Lima Perù in 2007 by Kirk39
Yesterday I booked tickets to travel to Peru this April to visit my nephew that works temporarily for a Norwegian company in this South American country. This is by far one of the most exotic destinations I have visited until now, and the 12 hour flight from Amsterdam will bring me half way around the globe where I can admire the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. 

My nephew lives in an apartment in the Miraflores district in the Peruvian capital. This densely populated part of Lima is located by the ocean. It has no direct access to the beach, as the city area rests on a cliff overlooking the beach. 

One of Miraflores attractions is the Larcomar Shopping Mall resting on the cliff itself. Here you have a wide range of shopps, bars and restaurants, and Larcomar is, according to my sister that visited during Christmas a great place to go to dine or simply have a drink. 

The second part of our journey is to see Cuzco, the old Inca capital, and Macchu Picchu, Urubamba with its Sacred Valley of the Incas. This is definitely going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Breathtaking historic sites located in the wild subtropical wilderness in the Andean foothills.

We have booked our flights with KLM from Oslo to Lima, over Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam. You will have to stay on board a flight for close to 13 hours to get from the cool spring on the Northern hemisphere to the pleasant climate along the Peruvian coast, cooled by the Humboldt current
Here is a map of locations we are going to visit during our exciting South American journey. We will continuously update the map along our way in order for you to keep track of what we do, and we will return to Norway to share fascinating experiences from sandy beaches of the Pacific to snow capped peaks of the Andes.

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Thursday, February 09, 2012

February 2012: Ryanair starts non-stop flight Rygge - Budapest

Budapest - photo montage by  Mcshadypl   
Ryanair starts direct flights from Rygge to Budapest, Hungary February 18th 2012.

The Irish budget carrier has negotiated a rescue package with Hungarian government after the recent collapse of the Hungarian airline Malev. This means that Ryanair will establish base at Budapest airport and start flights to 31 destinations from the Hungarian capital, Moss-Rygge being one of them.

Three weekly flights will start February 18th with departures Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Harvard breakfast bagel

Toasted bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon and wasabi as served at Au Bon Pain, Harvard Square
Au Bon Pain at Harvard Square is a favourite of mine. Every year I treat myself top a coffee and a small treat while watching the busy life of the famous university campus. Last fall I helped myself to one of my cousin’s bagel favourites, Jewish inspiration with a hint of the Far East!

One of last year’s specials was a traditional bagel with cream cheese and salmon with wasabi. Very clever to contrast the mild comforting tastes of snowy white Philadelphia cheese and corral coloured smoked salmon meeting hot green Japanese horseradish.

Culinary sumo wrestling - yum, yum!!

A freshly toasted bagel and a medium coffee with half’n half is my prefect breakfast at Harvard Square. I loved to indulge in the fresh chocolate chip cookies once served at Au Bon Pain, crispy on the outside, creamy runny chocolate inside. Or warm croissants with cheese and ham.

Examples like these bagels with cream cheese, smoked salmon and wasabi should give ideas on how to add excitement in your cooking by trying new combinations of tastes. I dared to add sweet chilli to the cream cheese used with smoked salmon in my salmon swirls - with great success. Cheese with orange marmelade is nother intriguing combination of ingredients.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Czech Airlines stop direct flights Oslo - Prague March 2012

Photo: Boeing 737-500 landing on Prague-Ruzyne airport. Photo: Vavrik
You will have to rely on Norwegian Air Shuttle if you want fly non-stop from Oslo Airport to Prague this spring. This as Czech Airlines folds up flights from Oslo and other airports to the Czech capital March 24th 2012.

Needs of restructuring and cutting costs has led the Czech air carrier to end non-stop flights to Oslo, as well as Skopje, Athens, Beirut and Larnaca. This according to a press release from the company, where it regrets the inconvenience for their passengers offering assistence to those affected by the cancellation of flights.

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Rating Norwegian Air Shuttle Oslo-Hamburg-Oslo, January 2012

Norwegian Air Shuttle is operating daily flights fromOslo to Hamburg. We were lucky to get a very cheap ticket ending up with a total cost of a little under NOK 900 ($172 / €131). Flying Norwegian is like riding a bus, no much comfort, but you get where you want on time and at low cost, and who could want more. 
Rating Norwegian Air Shuttle Oslo-Hamburg-Oslo: BBBB (3,90 points)
  • Check-in: BBBBB
  • Takeoff: BBBBB
  • Hospitality BBBB
  • Service: BBBBB
  • Comfort BB
  • Complementary drinks etc: B
  • Flying time: BBBBB
  • Arrival: BBBBB
  • Check-ou: BBBBB
  • Duty-free goods: B
  • Price: BBBBB
Flight information:
  • Flight: DY1126
    Date: 20 jan 2012
    Departure: 11:00 AM Oslo Airport Gardermoen
    Arrival: 12:25 PM Hamburg Airport
  • Flight: DY1127
    Date: 23 jan 2012
    Departure: 1:05 PM Hamburg Airport
    Arrival: 2:30 Oslo Airport Gardermoen 
Description of flight:
A few minutes late on departure from Oslo Airport, but both flights on time. Smooth check-in and check out, baggage retrieved with no delay. Good service, serving started immediately after the seat-belt signs had been switched off.

Very little space, practically no leg room and very small space to the seat in front of us, and the seats were narrow as well. On our way down we were allowed to share three seats between us, leaving us with more room on the side as well as an extra table.

No extras at all is offered at Norwegian Air Shuttle flights. Liquor, wine beer, soft drinks as well as a selection of food is for sale at reasonable prices. We were not offered any duty free goods on board, most probably due to the short flight time.

In spite of the discomfort and the lack of complementary goods the Norwegian Air Shuttle flight to Hamburg offered great value for money.  

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Hamburg and Northern Germany on Enjoy Food & Travel

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I have the last six years visited Kiel and Schwerin in Northern Germany, as well as the German capital Berlin. Here is a map of what has been and what will come here on Enjoy Food & Travel. For bars, restaurants, hotels, travel and sights of Northern Germany see the following pages here on Enjoy Food & Travel.
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Arp Schnitger and his famous organs

The famous Arp Schnitger was born July 2, 1648 in Schmalenfleth and was buried July 28, 1719. He was a highly influential German organ builder. 

Arp Schnitger was primarily active in the Netherlands and Germany, where a number of his instruments survive to the present day but his organs can also be found as far away as Portugal and Brazil.

One of his most famous organs is found in Hauptkirche St. Jacobi. It was completed in 1693 and survived the bombings of World War II, and was restored by Jurgen Ahrend.

On this videoclip John Scott Whiteley of York Minster plays Prelude from Prelude and Fugue in D BWV 532 on the famous Arp Schnitger organ in Hauptkirche St. Jacobi.

Hauptkirche St. Jacobi, Hamburg

The impressive 126 meter spire of  St. Jacobi is a modern post-war construction   
Most of what you see of Hauptkirche St. Jacobi today is rebuilt after the bombings after the war. It is dedicated to James the Great and the original structure dated back to the midt 14th century. 
Historic Hamburg suffered heavily during the bombings of World War II. Much of the city centre was left in ruins. Whereas Hauptkirche St. Jacobi was rebuilt after original design, other monuments as the mighty tower of the bombed Nikolai kirche was left as a monument from this destruction. 
The only thing that seems new is the modern impressive spire that stretches 126 metres towards the sky. The rest looks remarkably original.
The first church on the site was mentioned in 1265 and was located outside the city walls. After the construction from 1350 to 1400, it was extended several times. The first spire was left to decay, and was replaced by the second in 1826, before the allied forces bombed it all to pieces.
Much of the interior was preserved and placed back in the current building. It includes: 
  • The famous Arp Schnitger organ of 1693 in the west gallery
  • Holy Trinity Altar in the Main Choir (c. 1518,
  • The St. Petri Altar in the first south nave (1508),
  • St. Lukas Altar in the second south nave (1500) that originally comes from the Hamburg Cathedral
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