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Rating Bar Restaurant Cordano, Lima

Bar Restaurant Cordano in the old part of Lima is not only a restaurant, it is an institution. It has served the citizen of Lima for over 100 years. It is a wonderful genuine place to eat or drink. Laila and I ended here twice, first time for a cold and very large pisco sour, the second for a cold beer and one of their legendary sandwiches. 
Rating Bar Restaurant Cordano, Lima: BBBB+ (4,47 points)
  • Location: BBBBB
  • Service: BBBBB
  • Interior & comfort: BBB+
  • Food: BBBB+
  • Drinks: BBBBB
The historic area of Lima
Bar Restaurant Cordano is located in the historic centre of Lima, Peru
Most of downtown Lima is accessible by taxi, and taking a longer cab ride will cost you a few euros or dollars.
The historic centre is definitely worth seeing. Here you find buildings going back to the 16th century as the old cathedral
Bar Restaurant Cordano has served food for 100 years
Beware that parts of this area may be unsafe for tourists, but if you stay around the cathedral you will remain safe. 
Here you find Bar Restaurant Cordano, a legendary bar and café, that has been around for over a century. 
Entering Bar Restaurant Cordano is stepping back in time. The modern world is suddenly a far cry away as Bar Restaurant Cordano provides a wonderful and genuine experience for tourists visiting Lima. 
The rustic interior of Bar Restaurant Cordano
I loved the interior at Bar Restaurant Cordano. Ochre walls and patinated wooden details underline the fact that Bar Cordano has existed since 1905. 
It was packed with people, a charming mix of tourists and locals seated on hard (and rather uncomfortable) chairs around small tables. 
I have to commend the staff at Bar Restaurant Cordano. They were clearly familiar to tourists (our neigbours was a Iranian-American couple), and spoke excellent fluent English. 
We enjoyed the interesting company of a young Peruvian waiter that had previously worked in the cruise industry, but had chosen to return to Lima to work at Bar Restaurant Cordano.
Yum! Pisco Sour
You can pop in for a drink at Bar Restaurant Cordano. The first time we visited, I chose a large class of Pisco Sour, the ultimate Peruvian cocktail (I urge for one, when looking at the picture).   
We just stayed at Bar Restaurant Cordano to watch the locals, but we were determined to return as I watched a film clip in Lima on YouTube recommending a roll made with pork meat.
Laila and I decided to return to Bar Restaurant Cordano one of our last days in Peru. We ordered a large beer and the famous roll. 
The roll was made up by a large fine bun, marinated red onion, and thick slices of pork meat in abundance. 
Laila and I were not particularly hungry so we decided to share, and I was happy we did, as it was too much for one of us. 
Famous pork roll.......
It am very happy we followed the advice given in the YouTube film clip.  The roll had  tastes we usually experience during Christmas. The pork meat was mouthwateringly tender. 
Sharing this sandwich is perfect if you want to have a snack and something to drink while exploring historic Lima. Choose a large, refreshing cold Cuscena - delicious!!
Bar Restaurant Cordano is an institution in old Lima serving food and drinks since 1905
And it is extremely inexpensive to eat and drink at Bar Restaurant Cordano. You feel ashamed to get so much at such a price, so we overtipped them, and I think you should too.....
I highly recommend a visit at Bar Restaurant Cordano when visiting Lima. It feels like one of the few genuine experiences we had, as Miraflores where we stayed, had much of the life style we enjoy in Europe. At Bar Restaurant Cordano you find what you came to see in Peru. 

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