Saturday, November 24, 2012

Flæskesteg or Danish Pork Roast

My flæskesteg just out of the oven
Danish Flæskesteg is made from sirloin of pork but with the crispy crackling. This makes it easy to cut as well as you got the delicious cracklings on top. I bought one on my shopping trip to Sweden in October. Pity I just bought one - I should have got two or three. 
Sliced Danish Flæskesteg. Photo: Jon Krogh
In Norway we serve pork rib with crispy cracklings for Christmas, and this traditional dish is highly seasonal. I do not know whether it is only tradition, but it is a rather rich dish and you would have quite a stamina to eat thick slices of pork rib year around.  
Danish flæskesteg. Photo: fru_green
The Danes, however, eat their flæskesteg with cracklings all year. I highly recommend a traditional open faced sandwich with the stuff. 
Well, to get back to the Flæskesteg I bought in Sweden. I made incisions into the rind, as I would have with a pork rib, seasoned it with salt and pepper and baked it in a very low oven (100 C / 200 F) for 8-9 hours. I increased the temperatur at the end to around 200 C / 400F to get the crackling to get puffed up and crisp.

Flæskesteg served the traditional Danish way. Photo: Nillerdk
The fat will make the lean pork meat very succulent, and can, as opposed to rib, be thinly sliced to be enjoyed both hot or cold.

I invited two friends for a traditional dinner and served as we do during christmas, with pickled red cabbage and brown gravy. I served potatoes baked in the drippings from the roast.

Lækkert, as you would have in Denmark. Delicious!!    

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