Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Yikes - a giant moose burger coming!

This is the helluva moose burger - exterior
There is nothing like a good burger. The day before leaving for the United States, I made one helluva burger for my two visiting nephews, and I used ground moose meat. Yikes! That was one of my best burgers ever.

Moose are roaming the vast Norwegian forests, and when hunting season starts you can get moose meat. It is a lean meat that may remain fresh in the freezer for years. The ground moose was a gift from a friend, that had too much. I decided to mix it with bacon, to provide taste as well as juiciness. Moose meat in its purest form tend to get very dry, if not prepared carefully.
I had around 1 kilo (2,1 lb's) moose, and mixed in around 400 grams of bacon. I minced bacon and onion in my food processor adding salt (carefully as you have to bear in mind that the bacon is salt), and my spices from Marrakech (ground ginger and harissa). I then added an egg, 1-2 tbsp potato starch and the moose, processing it all into one smooth dough. I actually had to do this in two operations as I had so much meat.

I divided it all into four equally sized burgers, huge burgers. I fried them in a hot butter. The I wanted them to be slightly red in the middle, in order to stay moist.

I assembled it all on large hamburger buns. I toasted the buns, spreading a thin layer of Dijon mustard, placing one thick slice of blue cheese and the giant burger on top, followed by thin adding raw onions, sliced tomatoes and pickled cucumbers, placing the other part of the bun as a hat on top. Salad, dressing and rösti potatoes were served on side.

When cutting through, I am delighted to say that they were all perfect. Slightly red and deliciously moist and tender, perfectly seasoned with a hint of the Marrakechi souq. My nephew described them as "the best burger ever". Flatter, flatter, or the truth? I do not care. Moose burgers were a great success. 
The burgers were perfectly cooked, moist and well seasoned

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