Tuesday, October 02, 2012

OPENED AND CLOSED: Kate O'Shea's, Seabrook NH

Kate O'Shea's opened and closed within a year, sadly, as I would have loved another meal here at Merrilee's
If you look for Kate O'Shea's you will have to look again. It was there in 2010, but closed within a year due to structural problems with the building that housed the pub and restaurant. Sad really as I would loved another helping of the food. 
Kate O'Shea's Restaurant & Pub was run by my friend Merrilee Eastman the proprietor of the Tuna Striker Pub and restaurant (Eastman's Docks)  at Seabrook Beach.

My cousin Anne and I went up to visit Merrilee to see how she was doing at the newly opened restaurant. She had done a great job with stylish furniture and decor and the food she offered was great as always. 
I was treated, and I chose real pub grub -  a large plate of Buffalo scallops and a large pint of beer. I you probably have guessed I love everything with Buffalo seasoning, this irresistible salt, sweet, sour and sizzling spicy seasoning. My cousin was served a big plate of something they called Irish enchiladas, or was it something else. 
Sadly Merrilee had to close the Kate O'Shea's down within the same year, as she experienced great problems with the building, so much of her effort was wasted (sadly) as Kate O'Shea's Restaurant & Pub was a great place I would have loved to revisit.  I will be excited to see what she is up to now, as I arrive in New England in a few weeks.Maybe I find the place resurrected?  I will keep you posted.....

Kate O'Shea's Buffalo scallops - delish
Spain meeting Ireland, enchilada Irish style

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