Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Making a pumpkin for Halloween

The scary pumpkins of Scituate MA. My nephews mask on top
Today it's Halloween. 10 days ago my nephew and my cousins carved their scary pumpkins at the deck of my cousins house in Scituate MA. It was the first time I experienced thids old ritual, and I took a few photos in order to give you a making-your-own-pumpkin-for-halloween lesson. Today the pumpkins will be lit outside my cousins house in Scituate, while we are back in Norway.  
The first you do is to line up your personal scary pumpkin face. You can choose a traditional face, but ny nephew has here drawn the eyebrow, and started to outline the scary smile of his pumpkin.
One scary eye completed, another in process. At this point of the process I have to admit I wondered how he would manage to carve out the eye ball, but he did succeed (at least with a tooth pick at hand)
After the artistic process, it was time to get scary. The young guys grabbed a knife and started on the nitty-gritty, removing the scalp of the pumpkin to create the ultimate Halloween decoration 
If you wondered how a giant pumpkin looks inside - have a peek! Scalp off and seeds are ready to be removed
The scary smile has appeared on the pumpkins face, and my nephew has started the complicated process to create the eye of the monster
Two scary pumpkins ready for Halloween (my nephews on top)  with two eye balls - what a brilliant job
The third pumpkin suffered from a serious hangover due to too many Samuel Adams Boston Lagers
And do not throw away the pumpkin seeds. Salted and baked they are delicious snacks
Happy Halloween, everybody. Send us a thought when you look at these pumpkins...!!

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