Tuesday, October 02, 2012

jW's - Scituate MA

I may be picked up at Greenbush station in Scituate MA in a few weeks time. If I (very hypothetically) should have to wait, I would be very tempted to walk to the small jW's burger bar to enjoy one of their burgers.  
This hamburger joint was featured in a film clip on YouTube, and the images was enough to make my mouth water. When you make your hamburgers using your own freshly ground beef, this American staple food is a delicacy. Most hamburgers I am served here in Europe cannot measure up to the best America can offer.

The proprietor made a point of how good blue cheese match beef, and I do agree. My perfect beef and blue cheese meal was a large, ridiculously tender slab of Argentinian beef topped with Gorgonzola cheese served at a Beef House in Brussels, Belgium, but watching the indecent closeups of succulent burgers on this film clip make me believe that the blue cheese burger served here would be another prime beef'n blue cheese experience.

They have a Buffalo spiced burger as well.......

Cannot wait to get past the herring pond.       

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