Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Coming up: Oslo - Keflavik - Boston

I will leave in a few days. I know the flight from Oslo to Boston over Keflavik very well. I have traveled with Icelandair every year from 2006. Pleasant departure time from Europe, easy transfer, and short flight time is the greatest assets for this option. 

1987. First crossing on a Pan Am Boeing 747. Photo: Russavia
I have crossed the Atlantic over 30 times since 1987. I have traveled with Scandinavian Airlines, Pan-Am, SABENA, Swiss, Lufthansa, and Icelandair and the latter has been my favourite the last ten years.

Leaving from Oslo, you will have to change planes somewhere, either in Europe or in the US. That means that you will have to travel early to one of the large hubs in Europe, experiencing either long waiting hours for the next flight or running to get on your plane.

End of journey. Logan's Terminal E. Photo: CaribDigita
Icelandair flights leave Oslo 3.45 PM every day, giving me the possibility to enjoy my breakfast and get away at a decent pace - the ultimate stress free departure. When arriving at Iceland you find yourself in a small airport with enough time to catch the flight to the US.

We will fly over Greenland. Photo: PC78
Traveling time is another important point, as your trip to Boston will take around 5 hours and 30 minutes arriving 6.35 PM. Then you can wind down by getting to where you want to stay and enjoy a few drinks before bed time.

When talking about transfers in the US, direct flights from Oslo fly to Newark Airport and I would have to change for a plane to Boston there. Personally I prefer immigration in Boston, as the number of arriving flights are fewer, lines are shorter and the immigration personnel is better behaved than in NYC.

You will experience good leg space on board Icelandair flights, but there are no free food or drinks. Travelers have to pay for pretty much everything on board. In spite of this air fare for Icelandair flights are not as good as they used to be, and less competitive than other airlines if you can endure transfers and waiting time at a major European hub (and I do not at the present time).

For the time being I have settled with Icelandair when flying to the US, but it is always a question whether they offer low air fare and good service. So I may change in the future.  
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