Sunday, October 21, 2012

An American tapas meal

SCITUATE MA, 7.18 AM: I am looking back. Yesterday we had cold tapas for lunch, and a cup of Legal Seafood lobsta' bisque.
Our generous tapas tray
I love tapas, and the good thing with family is that they know what I like to eat. 
So the was no coincidenbce that my cousin in Scituate MA ended up with a gigantic tray of delicious tapas that she served for lunch. 
Many of these combination packets are very generous in size and inexpensive here, and much of the $ 15,99 packet is still in the refrigerator downstairs. In Norway I would have ended up with a fraction of the food at the same price. 
The Castella Mediterranean Tapas Platter consisted of from upper left corner: Stuffed olives, brown olives with stones, marinated feta cheese, tapenade, hot red peppers with cream cheese, marinated artichokes and mushrooms. 
One of my tapas servings - yum!!
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