Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pomodorini Margherita

Margherita of Savoy was the first queen of Italy.  Pizza margherita was named after her and my pomodorini plays the same patriotic cords, naming the dish after the queen as well as the red, green and white colours of the united Italian flag
If you follow my blog, you may think that I am tapas-mad, and that is completely true!! This weekend I prepared more tapas, as my sister and two friends had their annual reunion at our summer home.

I made much the same stuff as earlier, but here is a small step-by-step instruction on how to make my pomodori Margherita. This dish may be enjoyed cold or warm, my sister decided to bake her pomodori in the oven.
Many dishes are named after queen Margherita of Italy, and they all hold the colours of the flag of the united Italy, red, hvite and green. So does this dish.
Pomodorini Margherita are named after a queen and the colours of the Italian flag - here the red colours from small cherry tomatoes. 
Use small tomatoes or pomodorini. Use a teaspoon to scoop out the seeds, leaving a small cavity for the filling. Place in a small oven proof dish, I used a disposable tin foil dish. 
Brightly green pesto made from fresh basil
Choose a glass of good pesto. I prefer Barillas pesto Genovese. Use a teaspoon and place a small dollop of pesto in the small cavity. Leave a little room for the next ingredient, and what follows red and green - yes a bright, white and very Italian ingredient - mozzarella cheese...
White fluffy mozzarella clouds made from buffalo or cow's milk
You can get small round mozzarellas, and if you get hold of these, you divide them in two and press them on top of the pesto. I bought one large mozzarella on sliced them in rustic, uneven bits. From here you can decide to serve these tomatoes as they are or bake them in the oven. My sister placed them in a hot oven (200 C / 400 F). The cheese melted and they were less decorative than if you had served them cold, but both ways to serve these tomatoes are equally good.

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