Friday, September 14, 2012

OCTOBER 2012 - More stories from Northern New England

In October I will have my 30th crossing of the Atlantic to experience Northern New England in the United States. This means more stories from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and New Hampshire here on Enjoy Food & Travel.

My annual trip to the United States is a ritual. 30 times I have crossed the herring pond in order to visit my two cousins living by the beautiful coastline close to Boston. With all this years in mind, I regard this area as close to home for me as any place could be. I have learnt to know (and love) places, people, sights, food and culture through my visits.

Scituate lighthouse by ToddC4176 
I have, once more, chosen Icelandair to be my air carrier on this trip, even though service has declined and air fare has risen these last years. The relatively short travel time from Oslo through Reykjavik to Boston is still a great advantage, as the capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is only a 5 hour and 30 minutes from Iceland. Besides this Reykjavik Airport provides easier transfer for trans-Atlantic travelers compared to larger European airports where you easily can miss your connecting flights due to long distances from one gate to another.

When there, I will enjoy the off-season tranquility of the quaint communities of Scituate and Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts. While Norwegians are preparing for fall, the temperature in Boston is pleasant in September and October, and you may even take a stroll along the beach and enjoy a gentle breeze, but I think I will skip a late swim in the ocean. Last year, however,  I did take a swim at Minot Beach during a short heat wave in October, so who knows!!

So stay tuned for more stories from Northern New England from my visit in the 2012 season. See all stories from New England from 2006 here:

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