Monday, September 10, 2012

Flavours of a Portuguese seasoning'n roasting bag

Seasonings from Madeira

I love international seasoning, and my friend Dagfinn brought a seasoning and roasting back from Madeira. Yesterday we tried it, and these packages are practical as you can prepare dinner with vegetables without adding fat.
What can I do with this pumpkins from my allotment?
First time I bought bags and seasoning was in the US many years ago. Now I can get them here in Norway as well. Yesterday we came from the allotment with pumpkins, and herbs. 
We went to the local grocer and bought chicken drumsticks and returned to my flat to make dinner.
We brought two different types of pumpkins, three small pie shaped pumpkins and one round pumpkin to prepare later. I have no idea what to prepare, but I may follow Dagfinns example, as his way to use them was extraordinarily successful.   
He sliced onions and pumpkins, and sauteed them in butter with sage, and chives. As I just had unsalted butter, he also added salt and pepper as well.

Fried pumpkin, onions, chives, sage, salt and pepper
Dagfinn decided not to peel the pumpkins, and did not remove the seeds either, but they turned out delicious. I tried to describe the consistency as mashed potatoes, exceptionally creamy with a slightly sweet delicious aroma.

So what did I do with chicken? As the instructions were on Portuguese I could not follow them, but I just followed how I have prepared similar food earlier.

The tricky part was to open up. As I tried to tear up the upper part of the sachet to find the roasting bag, I opened up the lower part and suddenly half the amount the seasoning was on the top of my kitchen top. Well I managed to collect the excess seasoning, placed the drumsticks in the roasting bag with one large sliced onion. Then I poured in the seasoning, and placed the bag in an oven proof tray and placed in a medium hot oven, i.e. 200 C / 400F.

Chicken and vegetables ready to be served
I never ever take the time, but I think it stayed in the oven for at least an hour, but at that time the chicken had released all the juice and the seasoning and onion had blended in to create the most delicious stock.

At that point the pumpkin and onion was ready and we just opened up the roasting bag and poured the juice into the oven proof tray.  Then we poured in the vegetables and presto - dinner was ready. 
Dinner on a plate........

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