Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WizzAir will charge fee for oversized hand luggage on all flights

WizzAir: Oversized hand luggage - 10 Eurs, please! Photo: Mattes
For those of you that think Michael O'Leary is king of fees. There are a few usurpers waiting to take over that role. Latest is Hungarian WizzAir that have started to charge a 10 Euro fee to be paid online for hand luggage exceeding their maximum size of 42 x 32 x 25 cm on certain flights. Feedback has been so positive that they may extend the fees to all flights, according to their director of Public Relations.  Feedback from whom?
I have done my fair share of verbal Michael O'Leary bashing here on Enjoy Food & Travel. This Irish carrier has been the champion of new fees until now. We just wonder whether Hungarian WizzAir will challenge the Irish budget carrier.

The Hungarian carrier has tried out a new fee for oversized hand luggage of 10 Euros to be paid on internet for travelers from London Luton Airport (!) to Polish Katowice. WizzAir Head of PR,  Daniel de Carvalho, states that the feedback has been so positive (!) that they may extend this to all flights, including those from Norway.

I sincerely doubt that any traveler struggling to squeeze their belongs into a small suitcase will applaud this new fee. If anyone traveling with WizzAir has, please come forward.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the travelers with the Hungarian air carrier will react, when confronted with the new fee. Ithink the new fee is outrageous, and it would be natural for anyone traveling with WizzAir to object. I sincerely hope the majority of you do, so the airline will have to back down.

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