Saturday, August 11, 2012

UPDATED: Basement restaurant - Göteborg closed in January 2012

As I browsed the net to book a gourmet meal during our stay in Göteborg, Sweden next week, I discovered that one of the city's Michelin star restaurants, Basement restaurant, closed back in January. 
Basement was run by Ulf Wagner and Magnus Larsson. Ulf Wagner, who also runs Sjömagasinet, told the website Västekot that a combination of high work load and low profits forces the duo to shut down Basement.
- It is difficult to run a fine dining restaurant in Sweden. We have such small margins, the cooks told the Swedish website. 
Ulf Wagner and Magnus Larsson say in a press release that their ultimate goal is to find someone who can take over the premises.
Back in 2010 the Basement Restaurant & Bar experience was awarded an impressive BBBBB- rating here  Enjoy Food & Travel  with a total score of 4,67 points. Here is the conclusion of our review. 
Another great Michelin experience in Göteborg - in fact even better than the food served at Fond in 2009. Awesome food (4,83 points out of 5), excellent wine package (4,68 points), and that is the most important part of the visit. The basement interior was slightly disappointing. The service was excellent from the first start. 
Enjoy Food & Travel concludes!! Basement Restaurant & Bar in Göteborg is worth a visit. An impressive experience to a very favourable price.
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