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Rating Schwartzer Peter - Heidelberg, Germany

One of my companions chose this vegetarian pita bread with cheese as main course
Schwartzer Peter in Heidelbergs Bergheim district was my nephew's local kneipe when he studied in Heidelberg. One evening we went to dine there, and it was a good experience.   

Rating Schwartzer Peter, Heidelberg: BBBB (4,02 points)
  • Location: BBBB
  • Service: BBBB+
  • Interior & atmosphere: BBB
  • Food: BBBB-
  • Beverage: BBBBB
Heidelberg-Bergheim is a quiet residential area
Schwartzer Peter is located in Römerstrasse in Heidelbergs Bergheim district.

It is a nice and quiet and affluent residential area with mainly 19th century and early 20th century buildings.

Schwartzer Peter is one out of a few local bars and restaurants scattered around in the area.
A simple and honest interior
The local was filled up, a good sign - but the staff managed to find a table for all six of us.

Schwartzer Peter held a good atmosphere and a simple and honest interior, and it was clear to us that we were not the only people that liked what this neighbourhood tavern had to offer.

It was asparagus season when I visited Heidelberg, and that was reflected in many menus around the city as Schwartzer Peter.

I chose a dish of baked, white asparagus and cured ham with a cheese topping with a cold pint of traditional beer.

White asparagus baked with ham and cheese
I was served a "German-style", i.e. huge portion of asparagus topped with glistening, deep red cured ham with melted cheese and a huge pile of salad. 

The food experience at Schwarter Peter was not ultimate, as the ham had turned dry and the salty taste had become more concentrated. I have baked green asparagus earlier, but never the white variety. I would prefer it boiled or steamed, rather than baked.

Düstelhaüser Premium Pils
Still it was great to have a taste of white asparagus, a real treat in May and June in continental Europe.

As the dish at Schwarter Peter was salty, a pint of Düstelhaüser beer was particularly refreshing, and I do not know if it was better than usual or if it was due to the fact that I sat in a kneipe in Germany with friends and family I care for.

I may return to Heidelberg, even though my nephew does not live there anymore. If so, I am determined to return to Schwarter Peter for another serving.

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