Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Thon Hotel “deal”: Choose no cleaning of your hotel room

Thone Hotel Polar, Tromsø - where you soon may swap a voucher for a tidy room
- Get a voucher instead

Thon hotels will try out a new "deal" at Thon Hotel Stefan in Oslo. You will be offered a voucher of NOK 50 for a drink in the hotel bar, if you accept no cleaning of your room during your stay. Don't do it, as you will get very little for the value of that voucher in the hotel bar anyway. 
Many air carriers were early to charge you extra for thing you used to get for free. This system has developed into a multitude of different fees, making it hard for travelers to compare travel prices. Hotels have recently followed. 
Tidy room at Stanhope Hotel, Brussels
The latest invention has been launched by Norwegian Thon hotels as a swap. You say no to cleaning, and you will get a voucher for a drink in the hotel bar.
This idea has been tried in the Thon hotels in Brussels, and the results have been so good in the Belgian hotels, that they want to try the system in Oslo, as well. At Thon Hotel Stefan you will get a voucher for NOK 50 to be used in the hotel bar if you say no to have your room cleaned.
For those of you that have been to Brussels, a visit to any bar is a reasonably inexpensive experience. For those that may take this option in Oslo, I may reveal that there is very little that you may buy in any Norwegian hotel bar that would cost less than 50 NOK, especially alcoholic beverages.
So I know what I would have done - I would prefer my room to be cleaned, instead of this voucher, as this deal is not good enough!!

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