Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mother of all zucchinis

Surprise - a zucchini growing from dwarf to giant on our allotment last week. This is most definitely the mother of them all.
A friend of mine told me of his experience with growing courgettes. He was baffled by the vigor of these pumpkins, how they grow in great numbers from nothing to giants in weeks, even days.
Last week I observed a medium-sized specimen growing in our allotment. I decided to wait until it was a little bigger. It started to rain next day, and I left the city for the weekend but on the previous Wednesday I decided to harvest it.
By that point the whole thing had left the stage of mediocrity and had grown into a monstrosity, a truly giant mother of all courgettes. Even carrying it home was hard labour and I just used a small portion in the large pot of curry I prepared for my nephews. Not it is waiting to be used in more food, but there is simply so bloody much of it...
The good thing is that there is so much good food to make from courgettes. By this weekend I have decided to include more or hopefully most of the courgette-queen in a healthy Mediterranean dish.
For those of you that grow zucchinis, it is advisable to harvest them earlier than I did, as they may get more tough as they reach its dinosaur stage. The core of the pumpkin had started to get soft. If you get greedy and wait for an even bigger courgette to appear, you may find that it simply rot.
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