Monday, August 08, 2011

Marrakech: Hey - we are certainly not in Kansas anymore!

You do not have to stick you feet into a pair of ruby slippers and be taken by a twister to leave your Kansas. Marrakech, by the foot of the Atlas mountains, is definitely not my Kansas. It resembles nothing I have seen until now. It is an intriguing, chaotic mix of the orient and Africa and very far away from Europe.

I do not recall what I expected by this Moroccan city, as all the impressions left in my inner eye have obliterated all the notions of what I thought I would see.

Unlike Istanbul, it is definitely not Europe. Even though the Turkish metropolis is a part of the Islamic world, I still felt that I was on my own continent.

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Marrakech, however, is the town of Berber nomads, jugglers, snake charmers, elaborate hand crafts, with an air perfumed by scents of strangely spiced foods. All this left me as mesmerized as Dorothy was when she met the Land of Oz!

I will write stories from Marrakech in the year to come. Still I have to land, emotionally and spiritually, and get a little distance to reflect on what I have seen. Here are, however, stories to come on Enjoy Food & Travel.

Bars and restaurants:
Food stories:
  • Au Fil d'Or
  • Ensemble Artisanale
  • Gift shop, Jardin de Majorelle
  • Herboriste El Andalouss
  • Magic Gift
  • Shopping for exotic jewellry
  • Shopping spices
  • Soukhs
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