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Fort Van Tyle, Minisink NY

The historic sign marking the plot of the first metting of the town of Minisink and the house of the Van Tuyl family
I love local history, and traveling around upstate New York gave me an opportunity to visit historic sights of the Port Jervis / Greenville area. We spotted this sign when driving along a quiet country road. It told of a local historic event in a truly historic year, when Europe was in chaos as the French revolution started. 
The 18th century Van Tyle (or Tuyl) house in Port Jervis, N.Y.
The event was the first meeting of the town of Minisink. It took place close to an old house that once belonged to the Van Tuyl family that came to the US in 1663. 
The Van Tuyls came from the town of Brakel in the Netherlands
They descend from young farmer,  Jan Otten van Tuyl, a grandson of Jan Sandersz van Tuyl. He left for America in 1663 after he had been sentenced to death for killing a man in a tavern knife fight. He, his wife Getrude and their son  arrived in New Amsterdam on April 16, 1663 and settled in the poorer part of town—Wall Street—and proceeded to raise the first generation of American Van Tuyls.
Delaware or Lenape indians around 1910
So this this 200 year old house are connected to the Dutch immigration that named the port by the Hudson River "New Amsterdam". 
The name of the town Minisink is of Indian origin and  was used to cover an area originally inhabited by Munsee-speakers of the Lenape or Delaware Indians
The area was first settled in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries by Dutch and French Huguenot families from colonial New York's Hudson River Valley, as the Van Tuyls.
But it was also the name of a town in this area, founded in the year of the upheaval that ended the French monarchy. The first immigrants came to Minisink in 1725 and today Minisink N.Y. is the home of 4490 people.

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