Friday, August 24, 2012

Delious fava beans

Peas from a pod, or rather fava beans recently removed from its pods and cleaned
There are few things so satisfactory as harvesting one's own produce, as we did last Sunday. We collected what we took in our basket, bring it up to my appartment to prepare a good meal. That was one of the last of the nice days of summer of 2012, an overall dreary season.
My friends, and Enjoy Food & Travel co-writers Dagfinn and Susanne joined me and we brought following ingredients home to my kitchen:
  • One small courgette / zucchini
  • Fava beans
  • One pumpkin
  • Swiss chard
  • Red / yellow beets
  • Two sprigs of lovage
This plate of fava beans are worth tucking into
We were surprised to find that the large green pods were not packed with beans, some were empty, others contained two or three, while just a few were full. Still we brought enough pods to feed three - as a starter. 
Fava beans have the most beautful pastel green colour. They can be eaten raw, but is best lightly simmered in a broth. Dagfinn used a stock cube, herbs, and white wine vinegar, and heated them just enough to preserve the bright colour and that delicious crunch.

Dishes like the fava bean starter we made proves that "less is more" is absolutely true when you have access to freshly picked ingredients. They have so much more flavour than the once you pick at your market, and it is vital that you add enough seasoning to enhance, not compete with these flavours.   

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