Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Archbishops Palace - Lima, Peru

These elaborate wooden, enclosed balconies are typical of many classic buildings in old Lima.
The current Archbishops Palace in Lima was built as late as 1924, but the Archbishops have resided here since 1530. The building is baroque in appearance. 

The Plaza Mayor is the centre of the historic district of Lima. One of the monumental buildings is the residence of Limas Roman Catholic Archbishop. It is a beautiful ornate building, but in spite of looking baroque it is less than 100 years old. It replaced the old residence in 1924.
On this picture from 1860 you see the old palace that preceded the more monumental palace of today.
The historic centre is packed with old buildings up to 400 years old. The Baroque Palace is adjacemnt to Lima Cathedral  and has housed 10 archbishops  since Hernando de Arias y Ugarte became the first Archbishop in 1630. The new Archbishops Palace was built with the characteristic wooden verandas found on many historic buildings.  
The whole palace as well as the old cathedral of Lima that was constructed already in 1535 are the main buildings on the Plaza Mayor in Downtown Lima.
Golden memorial plaque on the Archbishops Palace
This brightly robe with the bishops coat of arms may mark the balcony from which the archbishop address his herd.
The Palace is the home of Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne, the current Archbishop of Lima. Photo: Djacobo 

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