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Tomb of Suleyman the Great, Istanbul

Inside the tomb of Suleyman the Magnificent 
Suleyman I (Ottoman Turkish: سليمان Sulaymān, Turkish: Süleyman) died on September 6th 1566) after 46 years on the throne. He was known in the West as "the Magnificent" but is most often referred to as "the Lawgiver." His wonderful mausoleum is found by the Mosque bearing his name in Istanbul. It is a wonderful sight, and I do recommend a visit here.  
Interior - detail 
Suleyman was one of the most powerful monarchs of 16th century Europe, holding the Ottoman Empire's military, political and economic power. Suleyman personally led Ottoman armies to conquer the Christian strongholds of Belgrade, Rhodes, and most of Hungary before his conquests were stopped at the Siege of Vienna in 1529. He conquered most of the Middle East in his conflict with the Persians and large parts of North Africa as far west as Algeria. Under his rule, the Ottoman fleet dominated the seas from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, 
Suleyman was also a distinguished poet and goldsmith in his own right. He became a great patron of culture, overseeing the golden age of the Ottoman Empire's artistic, literary and architectural development Suleyman broke Ottoman tradition marrying Roxelana,  a harem girl from Rohatyń, 68 km southeast of Lviv,  who became Hurrem Sultan, whose intrigues in the court and power over the Sultan have become as famous as Suleyman himself. Their son, Selim II, succeeded Suleyman but reigned only for 8 years.
Suleyman the Magnificent is buried in a magnificent mausoleum with Hurrem Sultan, his wife, and his daughter Mihrimah Sultan.

The Tomb of Suleyman the Magnificent  is located in the grounds of the Suleyman Mosque, the largest in Istanbul. The building, even though modest from the outside, has the most exquisite interior, covered with intricate tiles. In the room you find a number of coffins, among which holds the remains of the sultans family.

The Tomb of Suleyman the Magnificent is a must for those of you interested in history and architecture.

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Buried at the Tomb of Suleyman the Magnificent
Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent (1494-1566). Oil on canvas from around 1530  by Titian 
Alexandra Lisowska aka Roxelana and Hurrem Sultan (1510-1588). Oil on canvas 16th century 
Mihrima Sultan (1522-1578). Oil on canvas from around 1555  by Titian  
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