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Ryanair to Beauvais-Tillé - July 2012

Passengers av Beauvais Tillé airport terminal 1. Photo: Rastrojo
In July I am flying with Ryanair for the second time. I am certainly not a lover of the Irish budget air carrier, but I fly Ryanair to be together with friends. I paid next to nothing for the air fare, but beware - if you do not follow Ryanairs rigid systems you may have to pay a much higher price. 
I am flying from Moss-Rygge Airport to Beauvais Tillé airport just outside Paris. The plane leaves extremely early, 6.45 AM and we will have to catch an airport express bus at 4:00 AM (yawn) from Oslo. A terrible prospect when being on vacation.
Beauvais Tillé - airport off the beaten track 

Moss-Rygge Airport has become the main base for Ryanair that has shifted its traffic from
its former main airport - Sandefjord-Torp the last years.
The unfinished Beauvais cathedral. Photo: Sokoljan 
Moss-Rygge Airport is located around an hours drive south of Oslo. Beauvais Tillé is also, typically enough, quite a way off from the French capital. 
I had my first arrival at Beauvais Tillé airport in 1984, when I stayed a week in Paris. Back then this airport was primarely used for charter tourists and was nothing more than a shack, really. We were brought to Paris by bus, quite a long drive then. My friends has told that the transportation to Paris has improved, as the airport is used by large budget airlines as Ryanair.
What (NOT) to do to keep air fare down at Ryanair

My warnings here on Enjoy Food & Travel NOT to use Ryanair has not been unfounded. Here are a few pieces of advise for those of you planning to travel with Ryanair - to keep your air fare low. If you fail to follow these instructions you may end up paying in excess of normal price for your flight, as they are rigidly enforced by Ryanair. 
  • When booking online, make sure you write your name correctly, as changing it will cost €160 per person.
  • When booking do remember to print boarding card and take them with you. Failing to do so, will cost you a whopping €60 per person.
  • You must print everything, including the advertisement. If not you may have to pay  €60 per person
  • If print of boarding pass of is of bad quality,  you may have to pay €60 per person  
  • If page of boarding pass is damaged,  you may have to pay €60 per person  
  • If part of the page of boarding pass is missing,  you may have to pay €60 per person . 
  • When traveling, do bring one piece of hand luggage weighing under 10 kilos and measuring 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. If you exceed any of these criteria, be prepared having to pay for check-in or overweight. Additional checked in luggage may cost you from 15-70 EUR.
  • Make sure that your duty free goods may be squeezed into your hand luggage, as Ryanair enforce a strict one piece of hand luggage only!
Michael O'Leary. Photo: Lamos
I addition to these ridiculous fees, Michael O'Leary has toyed with other mad ideas, including introducing standing space and toilet fees on board.

So you understand it is hard to convince me that traveling with Ryanair is a good idea, but I have to try it in order to find whether it is as bad as I think.

Certainly, neither my friends nor my sister agree with me and travel with Ryanair incessantly.

So I will rate my second Ryanair experience in a little of a weeks time. I will keep you posted.

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